Monday, March 15, 2010

You're All Over Me

Atrocious Momokuai treating AnAn like her bed. Strange thing is, AnAn doesn't mind at all. When I watch my hamsters I just cannot resist touching them. But they just hate it when I try to stroke their heads or backs. Another hamster can walk all over them but the tiniest touch from me will send them flying. But there is one spot that you can tickle when they are sound asleep - their tummies. They hate me for poking and prodding when all they want to do is sleep. They will go to the furthest corner and if I still persist, they will crawl into the tunnel in disgust. Well, there are tiny holes at the sides of the tunnel where I can blow air at them. Revenge is sweet - my way of getting back at them for biting their cage loudly and incessantly when all I want to do is sleep....hahaha. Or is it the other way round? They bite their cage to get back at me when I sleep?

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