Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Pianist

I've known June for a very long time, way back to the days when she used to play the piano for our morning worship on Sundays. She is an accomplished pianist and singer and has "gigs" as far away as Japan. When I recently met her she told me she has an album of her own. Wow, you've come a long way, baby! Do visit her website at You can get a taste and a whiff of her music there. Coco and Wawa took a great liking to her legs ..... :)

Happy Birthday!

I hadn't really meant to celebrate my birthday when I invited friends for dinner yesterday. An encounter with a couple whom I hadn't met for years and years and years led to a lunch and a week later an invitation to my home for dinner. It was a day late but I thought why not. My nephew gave me a beautiful and delicious mango cake. No candles though because the cake shop doesn't provide THAT many and it would have set the house on fire.

My good friend brought me these very beautiful sweet-smelling lilies. She remembered that they are one of my favourite flowers. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I reciprocated by cooking them a nice e-zee p-zee dinner -- chicken nasi briyani!

My Poor Hamsters!

2 mornings ago when I checked on my hamsters, I found Mo inside Mimi's tank. His wheel had somehow fell on its side and he managed to climb out and into Mimi's home. The first horrifying vision in my head was I would have to cope with more hamsters in the future. The really horrifying reality was that a piece of Mimi's ear had been bitten off and there was bleeding around one eye. My poor Mimi! Mo got a good scolding from me.

The same evening I realised that Mo had also suffered injury. One of his legs had apparently been bitten by Mimi. Poor Mo was licking his bleeding leg for a long time but he still struggled to run on his wheel. They seem to be recuperating well although Mimi has been spending a lot of time sleeping.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sad Day

I was very, very sad yesterday because I saw another puppy die very miserably. Before I went for my long new year holiday the newborn puppies at my workplace were still blind. When I returned from my vacation their eyes had opened. They didn't look well but they were able to wobble about, lean on each other and even growl a bit. One by one they disappeared and only a little white puppy was left all alone. Sick and whimpering and abandoned by its parent. Yesterday I heard it cry very loudly the whole morning but I couldn't get away from my work. Soon as I could I went to see it and found it lying under the sun, unable to move but crying and its eyes looked blind. I carried it to the shade and fed it water from a syringe and wrapped it with a towel because the flies were bothering it. It looked so miserable it broke my heart. Lunch time I bought some milk and said right after work I will feed it. Too bad, it had already died. It wasn't the death that made me sad but the thought that it had to suffer all alone for a whole day or perhaps over that long weekend. Hungry, lonely with no mommy to lick away its pain. I hope it woke up in a better world. I hope it is running happily and healthily in a beautiful part of heaven. With lots of love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coco Is Bored

Rag, boring. Ball, no fun. Coco is bored.
I am not rich enough to buy you new toys everyday!

I'll wrap the ball in the rag and tie it real tight. That made Coco interested. Wawa grabbed it from her and undid the rag in minutes. Spoilsport. Other money-free toys are mineral bottles and egg cartons. You pay by picking up the pieces ...... :(

A Stray Cat

About 3-4 years ago, before I had any pets, this stray cat came to my house. Because I fed it everyday, he stayed for about 2 months before disappearing mysteriously. I suspect the family who lived opposite me must have taken him with them when they moved. They probably fed him as well so he was having the best of both worlds!

I was pretty sad when he disappeared because he had such a unique personality. He was a very grumpy cat and I find that so amusing! When I went for a walk, he insisted on following but he will grumble all the way. When I washed the floor he will settle on top of my washing machine and grumble! I really enjoyed our 2 months of friendship. I hope he is well-fed and happy in a nice home.........

Mo Energetic

I was told that papa Mo slept most of the time. My hamsters rouse themselves at around 8pm but I heard that papa Mo crawls out of his house only at midnight. He has been waking up earlier since he moved over here and look at him now. Everyone is curling up to sleep when the sun rises but he is still cycling away! The chestnuts I fed him has made him more energetic.

Not Again!!!

Looking very penitent after I gave them a spanking and scolding. Reason?

What I came home to today (and yesterday). Yesterday's spanking and scolding obviously didn't do any good.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Chap Goh May

I got a present from my sister-in-law when she visited me on the first day of new year. A tin vase with a cute little garden girl next to it, complete with shears. Today is the 15th day of Chinese New Year. A significant day because it marks the end of the new year celebration. Families gather and have another big dinner. The dogs gave me a Chap Goh May present -- faeces/urine stained newspaper dug out from their crate and torn to shreds. That's my Chap Goh May celebration. It must be near 9 pm and too tired to prepare dinner. Instant noodles will save my life tonight!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nothing Like A Good Scratch

Le Le sleepily trying to scratch his back. Hey, it's not everyday that you can catch a hamster with his pants down!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For Mother

I haven't arranged flowers in a long, long time. Yesterday was my Mom's death anniversary - it has been 7 years since she left. This morning I dreamt of her. Dreams of my mom always wake me up sad. She used to sit and watch me arrange flowers because flowers were her passion. When I was a child we lived in a house with a big garden and she planted all kinds of things - bananas, pomelos, mangoes, guava and of course, a great variety of flowers. These are for you, Mom.

A Malay Wedding

Something interesting is going on outside.......cameras and tripods and people....

It's a wedding photo shoot right outside our window! The bride and groom were wearing traditional kebaya/baju melayu. The photographer had them in all kinds of poses including one lying on the ground. Exactly where the buffaloes parked themselves the night before. I know because Wawa was barking at them at 3.30am in the morning ....... :(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Coco greets only 2 persons with great excitement - me and my nephew. When we first brought her home my nephew was the one who carried her on his lap while I drove and from thence on it was the 3 of us everyday. My nephew completed his studies several months ago and has since moved away for his new job but Coco still greets him warmly each time she sees him, which isn't very often. She backs away from anybody else who wants to pat her cute little head. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Won't Let You Touch Me!

With so many strangers coming and going, Mommy's lap seems like the safest place to be. My niece stayed with me for 10 days over the new year but no matter how she pleads, Coco refused to come. She even asked me to hold Coco in my lap so she can get her hands on her but Coco jumped off when she touched her. To get back at Coco for being so stuck up she threatened to buy a little schnauzer for herself and ignore Coco .... :o

Welcome Home!

Mimi, An and Mokuai are now reunited with Mo, Ping and Le. Mimi and Mo were a pair of hamsters I bought more than a year ago. In a short time they gave birth to 2 girls (An and Mokuai) and 2 boys (Ping and Le). I sent all the males to my sister who lives 300-400km away about a year ago. She brought them along for her new year visit and I have decided to look after them from now on. I think my sister is exhausted enough looking after 4 cats. Perhaps the sea breeze will fatten up Mo, Ping and Le who look thin and lethargic compared to the girls! This is a picture of Momo sleeping comfortably in his new tank home.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love Oranges

This dog LOVES.........

.........mandarin oranges.
And all sweet titbits.
As for Wawa, he loves everything that Coco loves.

Please Leave Us Alone

Coco and Wawa were not very happy so many people visited during the new year. Wawa was so upset he pissed all over the house. Coco wasn't flattered by all the attention given to her and finally both dogs retreated to a place where nobody went - the laundry area.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Chinese new year came and it is now about to depart. The nicest part of any festival is the anticipation. Waiting for loved ones to come and enjoying each day to the full and subconsciously dreading the day when they will leave. Then the house becomes empty and the heart too. The best remedy? Get back to work!
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