Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye To All My Hamsters....

The last of my hamsters, Le Le, died on 28th December 2011 at age 2 years and 5 days.  Somehow, it's extra, extra sad to see the last one go and now the room seems silent and empty without a single hamster.  Harder than seeing them die is seeing them grow old and weak and finally reduced to a ball of unmoving fur in a little corner all day and all night.  In fact, death is a relief.  I am so tempted to buy another hamster to fill the void but am not sure whether I can cope with all the work that comes with it.

I pray that all 6 of you are together, free and joyful like the birds.......not fighting but playing together like you all used to when you were little!  Always will be in my thoughts and in my heart............hope we will meet again one day.  This blog was started because of all of you.  I once told someone, when all my hamsters are gone, this will help me when I miss them but actually, it makes me feel sadder to see their photos......:(

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Now I Am Tall.....

.......and Christmas trees are small.....
A merry Christmas to everyone from Tooki, Le Le, Coco and Wawa!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


We have been.............

.........sleeping on our posting responsibilities!

24 hours is not enough, there's so much to do each day and a slow internet connection doesn't help at all.  However, I did visit an aquarium called the Green Connection (don't ever visit, avoid, lousy, rundown, delapidated) and managed to get some animal photos.......

Hi all.  As you can see, I lead a boring and meaningless existence in this awful place.  The gate is open, if I can rouse myself, I might just be able to make a dash for freedom.  Ahhh, but I am too lethargic to do it.

Come rub my belly!  Hi all, I am a turtle who used to roam the deep blue ocean but now I will have to live my remaining 999 years or more in this dirty, murky, greenish water.  That's why it's called the Green Connection.

Fishes!  Will you stay still for a photo??
We are restless!  Put us back where we belong, we hate this dirty algae ridden tanks!!  Well, of course, we do love algae when they're not feeding us enough.
(By the way, that beautiful grey haired photographer in the reflection is none other than Tooki.)

You have heard of angry bird.  How about angry sting ray?  There is no joy living in tanks!  I need the ocean!!  Why are you taking my photo???

I guess we terrapins are the luckiest here.  We quite like murky ponds and we can sun ourselves on these rocks they made.  There's a whole bunch of us here so it doesn't get too lonely......

Phew!  I am glad no one's interested in dragonflies.  We're as free as the birds!

So, shall we go see a movie?
I could've watched 4 movies for the amount we had to pay at that lousy Green Connection!  Why don't we just sit here and look at the sea?  It's cheaper.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Goodbye, Sweet AnAn....

December 23rd 2009 ~ December 3rd 2011

Thank you for keeping me company all this while.
Will we meet again?
It is my dearest wish that we will.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Decided I had enough of my scribbled wall and decided to paint it purple instead to match my dog-bitten wallpaper.  I was rather pleased with the outcome.  Certainly looked better than all those fading graffiti.

Sigh....this may become a thing of the past soon.  Been doing a little bit of house hunting lately in response to those threatening warnings about dogs in apartments.  I am looking for a land-based house so that my dogs can bark to their hearts' content all day without fear of being sent to the pound.

So, my dear Wawa, you may not be able to see Mommi relaxing with her feet up like that in future while you nap faithfully and loyally by her slippers.  I will miss the lovely the way, Wawa, where is your sister, Coco?

Pant! Pant! Slurp! Pancakes, pancakes!  I want, I want!  Gimme, gimme....!

Monday, November 21, 2011

All Of You Are In Trouble

You are in trouble.  I told you countless times NOT to BARK indiscriminately all day and all night at those dogs outside.  They are NONE of your business!

You are in trouble.  Don't try to look demure.  I told you NOT to bark at our neighbors.  They are NOT a threat to us!  You should know who they are by now, you blind dog.

You too are in trouble, all of you.  Don't loiter in my car park!

Maybe you too but you are fortunate you are not living with me. That's Mr & Mrs Big Bully from my workplace waiting for my chicken rice.  His daily morning greeting for me, by the way, is priceless and has everybody smiling.  He will whine happily while dancing and spinning around my legs, sometimes using his paws to touch me quickly and sneakily.  Priceless, my love for him grows by the day.

This is why all of you are in trouble.  Found this plastered (with relish and gusto and gloatfully, I imagine) on my gate when I came home yesterday.  I may have to move out..or my dogs may be confiscated!

Ummm, did they say anything about hamsters?

Monday, November 14, 2011

My (Prized) Possessions

Coco, Wawa, this corner here is for your toys, bed etc.  Don't mess up the house, ok?

Huh?  What are my things doing outside here?

She thinks I've got nothing better to do all day but to put my possessions in their proper place??
My bottomless bed should be here, near the couch.  When the floor gets cold it's easy for me to just jump onto the warm couch.

Piglet can sleep here and guard the front door.  Well, she does look a bit weak for such an important task.....

Some of my possessions can go into the bedroom.  Hey, there's enough space for everybody, why throw my things outside, huh?

Of course, how can you have a bed without a pillow?  Just you go try sleeping without one!
(Coco : I no eye see, all this is none of my business.)

WAWAAA!!!!  %$#@!!!&**!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boo To My Broadband

Internet connection in my house is extremely slow.  Constipated is my favorite word for it and I hope Maxis reads my blog.  YOU ARE A CONSTIPATED BROADBAND PROVIDER!!  I also hope Digi is reading this.  While waiting for a page to download, I can do many things.

(1)  Clean my hamsters' homes, give them food and water and coo them to sleep for the day.

(2)  Sweep and mop the floor.

(3)  Cook for the hungry dogs in my workplace.

(4)  Pick up toys that Wawa has dropped everywhere.

(5)  Keep this dog from driving my neighbor nuts.

(6)  Last but not least, take photos of birds outside my window.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Make The Most Of A Bottomless Doggie Bed

First, grab the bed from your opponent with all your might.  Notice how hind leg is lifted off the ground from the great effort.

Next, sleep like this, with your chin on the edge of the bed.  The look says "come rub my belly, come rub my belly".  It might work if you maintain that cuteness long enough.  Might.  No guarantee.

 Sometimes she can be a bit dense and not understand the come-rub-my-belly vibes so you can plonk on the floor and relax for a bit.  But make sure your body is always inside the bed.  Wawa is always prowling around trying to get that bed.

 This is how I look from the front.  Not very nice, quite like a moron in fact.

 This, of course, is the best way to sleep in a bottomless bed.  Best with a warm rug underneath, seeing that it's bottomless.  Remember to keep some part, any part of the body inside the bed.  It also guarantees a belly rub.

Stop taking my pictures!!  Aiyo, no eye see!!
(In case you can't make out that photo, it is Coco upside down with both paws covering her eyes.  "No eye see" can be translated as throwing up hands/paws in despair and means nothing can be done and I will have nothing to do with it.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What A Relief It's Over!

 Phew...I am glad THAT is over and done with.

Oh good!  I can stop whining and driving her bonkers now.

Auntie Tooki grabbed a tranquiliser recently and instead of sending her to sleep, she became a tearful insomniac watching it.  She bought it because of that handsome looking man on the right.  She couldn't recognise the lady but was delighted when it turned out to be Kim Seon-ah (she always makes Auntie Tooki laugh).  However, the specky guy on the left made Auntie Tooki almost, almost fall in love because he tangoed charmingly in the movie, among other things.

The synopsis on the cover might help you grasp the gist of the story.
What?  You don't know what they're talking about?!!  Neither did I.

The story was about a woman who had cancer and given only 6 months to live.  To cut a long story short, she made a list of things she wanted to do before she dies.  She managed to do all that she wanted to do and when she didn't die after 6 months she decided to live each extra day happily, doing what she enjoyed most without holding anything back.  I think that's a great way to live regardless of how long/short our lives may be.  Hmmm, wonder if I should quit my job and stay home all day with my doggies...

It was dull, dull, dull.  Instead of scratching my ears, giving me my usual belly rub and blogging about us, she just kept staring at that black box on the wall.  That dvd deserved to be chewed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Smarter Than You

I know you're my Mommi's smarty-pants nephew who's always fiddling with annoying gadgets and speaking 1,2,3,4,5,6 but there are things which I can do that I bet you can't. 

Can you lick your own nose like THIS? Huh, huh?

Can you lift yourself up in the air as high as this, huh?
In case you didn't know, this is called L-E-V-I-T-A-T-I-O-N.
Spell D-A-V-I-D~~B-L-A-I-N-E.

How about I L-E-V-I-T-A-T-E your B-E-D?

Grrrr! Grrrr! Grrrrrrr!

Bwwaahhh!  Gimme my bed!!
Hey, hey, hey!  Don't mess with my brother's bed!!

Hey! Hey!  I said stop messing with my brother's mouth, I mean, bed!

Don't take my bed......I'll let you be smarter than me....:'(
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