Monday, August 20, 2012

Why We Seldom Blog....

What's that you're munching without me, Wawa?!!?

Almond crumble from Mommi's cheesecake!

Thank you, friends for dropping by even after such a long absence.  The reason is this change by the administrators....the cursor becomes uncontrollable, I can't put my text where I want to, difficulty scrolling...endless.  I can go on complaining about the poor quality of this change.  I much prefer the older version when uploading a pic was such a breeze.  Don't be surprised if we disappear from this place forever but for all who are interested in knowing how we're getting on please be a member of 365project and follow me at

Just for your info, this post has been absurdly difficult to complete and upload.  Even as I type, I cannot see what I am typing, the words are invisible until you enter the next line....really the pits.  Awful.  Hope whoever is responsible for this sees this post.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In The Art Gallery

Ooh, I am famous! 

So am I!

Haha...just having fun with my smartphone...:D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coco's Grooming (And Japanese Cheesecake)

Coco  :  Please, no photos!  You are the one being interviewed today.
Mom  :  Oh, so sorry.  I thought you look so pretty after I groomed you.
Coco  :  Now, where did you learn your
Mom  :  The internet.  They have pictures of schnauzer grooming.
Coco  :  *gasp*  Why did you stop sending me to the pet shop?
Mom  :  Expensive and they kept increasing.  You want toys or expensive haircut?
Coco  :  Toys, of course.

Coco  :  Oh really, I insist that you stop taking my photo.
Mom  :  I just want to show the world how pretty you are.
Coco  :  You do realise that you shaved me too close to the skin?
Mom  : forgot to attach the comb.  It has been a long time since I last cut your hair....
Coco  :  And you nearly drew blood on top of my head?
Mom  :  I am SO sorry...people tend to be forgetful, especially when they're middle-aged.

Coco  :  I cannot face the world anymore!  Your grooming makes me look fat!!!!
Mom  :  That's not true at all.  It is your love for tidbits and sweet stuff.  Don't blame me.
Coco  :  I have uneven patches all over me and my forehead is so bare you can see wrinkles there!!
Mom  :  I am SO sorry, Coco!  How can I make it up to you?!
Coco  :  Belly rubs.  At least one hour and preferably longer.  More tidbits and toys.

And I want more of that Japanese chizukeki!!!  You didn't give me enough.  Where is that chunk going to?  Don't you know I love cheese?  And cakes?  You owe me.  *SULK SULK*

Friday, July 13, 2012


You're having THAT without ME?

Sorry for being away for so long!  Aunty Tooki suddenly has a new obsession with all things cake and so has been busy kneading and sweating over flour and butter and the hot oven.  It is something new to me so a lot of failures along the way (a benefit to Coco, Wawa and homeless dogs) but I'm coming along....

There is a little story behind this photo.  Before I could finish shooting, Coco accidentally (questionable) pulled off the tablecloth.  My cup broke and the cake went splat on the floor.  She apologised and cleaned up the mess before I could find my rag.  Did you ask me where Wawa was when all this drama took place and why it wasn't him who swallowed the cake?  A new neighbor moved in last week and the whole village seems to have been visiting her and her new home so Wawa has been super busy barking/trembling/pissing at imaginary murderers outside the door....:((

Have a nice weekend!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gifts From Far Away

I really love this hedgehog!
It smells of spring and schnauzers...
Mommi said it came on a plane from very, very FAR away...

I love it too....and don't understand why I have to share it with Coco. smells of English tea and puppies and a strange dog called...Aoife? Caoimhe? 
It is from Magic and Leigh!!  Yay!  Thank you very much from ALL of us...:D

 BUT!!  I have to stress that I am NOT pleased when Mommi brings Coco and Hedgehog into the room while I get locked outside.
And I cannot understand why I cannot have that other present as well.  The one that looks like Coco.

Please...don't give me to that vicious dog!!  I should've stayed in England!

Wishing all mothers a very
Happy Mother's Day!
*And that includes everybody who mothers their pets*

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trip To The Mountains

Lately Aunty Tooki has been feeling as hot and exhausted as this poor chap.  I decided to give myself a break and go find a cool place to chill out.

Off to the mountains I went.  Thick clouds and rain and mist.  What more could I ask for!  Lovely!

Henri Matisse said, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them."  How very true.

Aunty Tooki says....there are always dogs for those who want to see them.  I saw lots of homeless dogs up there.  This one was waiting for customers to throw her some food.  Look at those scars.

This one slept in the middle of the road.  He didn't care if a car ran over him.

This one slept under a car.  Look at that horrible wound/growth.  Isn't it pathetic?  No one bothered with them and Aunty Tooki felt so, so sorry.

This one tore at my heart.  It was running all over on three legs trying to look for food in the garbage bins.  There was none.  Aunty Tooki bought him a packet of rice with chicken and gravy.  I am so sorry I couldn't do more.  That was probably the only decent meal he had ever had in a long, long time.

Once upon a time, I was a cute little puppy too.  I fed on my mother's milk and I grew fat while she grew thin.  Then she left me to fend for myself.  Where to find food?  From the garbage.  Toxic food that humans threw at me made my body rot.  I was too hungry to resist. 

They live near humans but not many will give them food, even leftover food.  Some are killed in a cruel manner.  Hey, dog killers!  Do you know it's like killing an innocent toddler?  That's the IQ of a dog, a toddler's IQ.

It could have been me.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Poor Toy

Why can't you be nice to your toys?
What did you do to his ears?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Their Favorite Places

This balcony is Coco's favorite spot.

 She can sit or lie on her belly here all day.  She's keeping her eyes peeled for cats, dogs and buffaloes so she can bark her head off.

(Mom, a Schnauzer is created and born for barking.  It is their vocation, calling, purpose for living and service to owners and community at large.)

This is Wawa's favorite spot.  He will pile all the cushions and beds on top of one another like this and sleep on it all day, if I let him.  He doesn't let Coco have any so she has to sleep on the cold, hard floor.  He is mean and selfish.  And many other bad attributes.

(Mom, are you bad-mouthing me again before the whole world?)

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Nice Lazy Day

 It's a beautiful day....sunny skies, blue sea and lovely flowers everywhere!

 Oooh, Mommi bought carnations...I love them, they've got a nice smell!

I prefer to chase and eat dragonflies.

(No dragonfly was harmed in this post)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Master Rioji - My Brother's Dog

 This is Rio, my brother's doggie.

Rio loves leaving pee-mail everywhere, including inside his house.  Very territorial doggie.  He loves Aunty Tooki very, very much because she rubs his belly everytime she visits.  And he also gets treats from her...:)

 I'm not too pleased that you're rubbing some other dog's belly.

If I meet that Rio guy I will chew his bone.  Treats for him indeed!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Back In The World Wide Web!

Grrr...gnash...tear, tear!

Mommi has been a lazy bum.  She hasn't blogged about us for ages.

She is too tired to sorry!  Will try her utmost to keep Coco, Wawa and Wei Wei on the world wide web....^_^
(By the way, whatever is new on this blog sucks because it's a complete waste of my time trying to get familiar with everything once again.  Hey Administrator, stop changing things around, okay!!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wetland Sanctuary

I decided to pay the wetland sanctuary a visit one afternoon.  It is about 5-10 minutes' drive from the heart of the city (Kota Kinabalu) and this is what it looks like inside.  For a fee of RM5 you get to walk along a wooden bridge like this in the middle of a mangrove jungle.  A slow walk with lots of photo-shooting will take you about an hour or so.  I was hoping to see some birds but there were only a few shy egrets.  This one looks like a butler welcoming me into the sanctuary, don't you think?

This is what the aerial roots of the mangrove look like.  It thrives on muddy waters and in the past we use mangrove wood for cooking.  It is called "kayu bakau" in our language.

I risked my life climbing climbed a rickety tower to take this photo, just to show you how dense the growth is.  I was completely alone in this swamp so I could have been boinked on the head and robbed without anybody knowing.  Not to worry, not to worry, I have never heard any such thing happening in this wetland sanctuary.  Perhaps in the swamps next door but never here.

Well, too bad, no pretty birds for me to shoot but there were probably hundreds of these sleek, slimy lizards on the bridge.  They were always weaving in and out several feet ahead of me.  Don't come any nearer!  I will jump!!

This little friend is very, very tiny.  I think about the size of my finger nail.

This one is a little bit bigger and I really like his coat of many colors!

I was delighted when a blue dragonfly landed near me.  I have never seen one this color before.  My favorite shade of blue too...:)

Another creature of the mud.  I don't know what it is, perhaps a half-baked prince who's waiting to be kissed.

Well, let's turn our attention onto something more pleasant.  This is called "misai kucing" or cat's whiskers, a plant with medicinal properties.

Pretty flowers I saw on my way out.

Last but not least, the caretaker's cat.  That's all for today, hope you all enjoyed visiting the wetlands with Aunty Tooki today...^_^

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Christmas....

Last Christmas Mommi invited some family over for a sinfully, unhealthy lunch.  Just look at all that grease.  It was so salty she refused to let us doggies eat any of it.  She swore she will never buy food from that particular aunty again and will try her best to do the cooking herself.

Wimpy Wawa finally settled down under the table after spraying piss all over the house in fright at the sight of these strangers.  Everyone is a stranger to him even though he may have met them 10 times.

Everybody brought along one gift.  Excuse me, Uncle, is that gift you're opening for me?

Excuse me....(perhaps he will notice me if I go over to the other side)....any presents for me, Uncle?  Aunty?

Yoohoo!  I am over here....anything for doggies? disappointed.  All the presents are opened, nothing for me...everyone so happy, laughing except me and Wawa...:((

I'll go lie in a corner.....(sigh).

Don't cry, Mommi, it's ok!  Not everyone feels for doggies like you do...sob.
(Coco, Wawa, Mommi will buy you a nice present after this little party is over....)

To add insult to injury, to pour salt over grievous wound, to stab the knife and twist it......they went for a walk WITHOUT us!!  Mommi, that looks suspiciously like you in the photo!!??!

Don't get me wrong, Coco.  We were not really going for a walk.  Mommi was just trying to get them to invest in property here so that we will have good company in future.  That Uncle in the shorts (Mommi's nephew) has a doggie too called Bruce.  Who knows, you and Bruce can be friends one day?

(Photos courtesy of my other nephew - the one whom the dogs love -- and his Samsung handphone.  Um...which explains the blur, overexposure, underexposure, bad composition, wrong pov etc etc....thanks anyway because Aunty Tooki was too busy to take photos!)
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