Sunday, October 31, 2010

You Are Growing Too Fast

Little miserable puppy Wawa has grown from 500g to over 4 kg now, in barely 2 longer miserable puppy wobbling unsteadily. Now his waking hours are spent irritating Coco -- grabbing her toys, her food and giving her a nip here and a nip there. Poor Coco has a sweet temperament but when pushed too far she will pin him on the floor. Sometimes Wawa is so irritating I will let Coco have her way.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Can Sleep Under Pressure

An An sleeps oblivious to all the noise in the house. If you don't want to grow old beyond your years, rear hamsters, not dogs.


Balloons excite Coco a lot and it only takes her a few seconds to waste my money. Wawa however hides under a chair the minute he sees me blowing one. After it pops he will rush to get what's left of the balloon. I have found a piece of it in his stool. He's a yukky dog who eats almost everything.

Tug Of War

Coco and Wawa's favorite game.

Hideaki Tokunaga

There is something about Hideaki's songs that makes the world seem more beautiful. His songs raise my eyes from ugly man-made structures to appreciate beautiful nature -- blue skies, beautiful sea, green leaves......and my fidgety dogs calm down and go to sleep.

Mr. Billion

Billion, the bride's dog (or rather her parents'). Billion is extremely grumpy and snarls at all who go near. When Diamond, the other dog in the house, goes near him there will be a lot of snarling and growling and teeth. So hostile....:(

Here Comes The Bride

Just before the bridal bouquet was tossed. The sister of the bride got it so we are hoping for another wedding in the near future.......:)

A Wedding

A wedding in the family at last! The last wedding was 8 years ago so everyone was extra happy and excited about my niece's wedding. Mummies and aunties splashed on new outfits while daddies and uncles got stressed!
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