Saturday, April 17, 2010

Arch Enemies

I made a few more attempts to put the 3 hamsters together in the hope that they will live amicably together like old times. It was not to be. After sniffing each other out one of them will pounce. After all the horror stories on the net about hamsters killing each other, I decided not to take any more chances.

Up, Up And Away

These cd racks sure come in useful. Now, let me just get on that chair and then I can go up the table and explore some more.......

Kitty Cat Makeover

I used to be Kitty Cat but thanks to Momokuai's makeover I now look like this. My pink and yellow hearts have been torn to shreds and my eyes..... she is still trying to get all the cotton out of my ear.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitty Cat Pillow

This isn't a pillow originally but a magnet. The size seemed right so I bought 2, one for AnAn and one for Momokuai because I was too lazy to lug out the sewing machine just to sew 2 small pillows. Since Mimi still has the pillow that I sewed for her I didn't buy her one. Now that they live separate lives, there's got to be 3 of everything. Momokuai bit off the magnet almost as soon as she got it and one of kitty cat's eyes...hmmm...the threads are hanging loose. I think they still prefer my hand-sewn pillows because this one is a bit hard and bouncy. Hamsters prefer pliable possessions that they can stuff into their mouths especially in emergency situations. Such as when their igloos/maze has been lifted and moved away for cleaning. Then after looking lost and bewildered for a few seconds they will stuff their blankets into their pouches, followed by their pillows and if that is not possible (usually not) they will carry it in their mouths and run around looking for their lost homes. That is a heart-rending sight but clean it I must.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Evil Deeds

Another one of Momokuai's evil deeds are these bites that she gave me once. When she's bored with life on the porch she will try to climb up my pants when I feed her or clean her digs. She will climb up my knee when I am squatting, up my tummy and onto my shoulders, grabbing every inch of clothing as hard as she can. On my shoulders she will survey the world for a short time and then she will climb down my back. To stop her from leaping to her death I will put my palms behind my back to catch her, bring her to the front where she will climb up my arms to repeat the whole cycle again. Only that time I don't know what possessed her to peck me. For that evil deed she was flung off to the floor. It was a reflex action.

Rice Belongs To Food Bowl (Not Pillow)

The reason Momokuai didn't bring her pillow to her new maze-house is because it is no longer the pillow that it used to be. When Momokuai was still her old self, she bit a nice hole in the middle of her pillow, took out all the rice inside and transferred all of it neatly to her food bowl. She has been ignoring the very sorry-looking pillow since then. I keep throwing it at her to remind her of her bad deeds.

The Maze

To make up for running over Momokuai's foot, I built her a simple maze. Well, it does look a bit slipshod and flimsy, to say the least, but I must inform that the maze was built while I was suffering greatly from a bad flu. Feverish and my nose stuffy and running at the same time, I cut and glued the boards together. So sick was I that I forgot to make the doors. Didn't have any choice but to cut two holes at the sides. It made my maze looked pitiful. At least, Momokuai didn't object to it. She brought her blanket inside. I made sure that there were lots of narrow corners for her to rest her head. And her poor swollen foot.

Gone Are Those Days

Life has been topsy turvy since I last blogged. My hamsters have turned against each other. Gone are the days when they could eat together, snooze on top of one another, playfully wrestle together. Gone, gone, gone. Now, they only want to draw blood. They live in 3 separate places and that means 3x of cleaning and washing for me. The other day Momokuai's foot got caught in the door - all my fault. I didn't see her when I pushed the sliding door open. I saw her shaking her foot repeatedly and knew that she must've been in great pain. It was shake-shake-shake and lick, shake-shake-shake and lick. Then I saw bleeding and the following days/nights she wasn't her usual self. She hid her head quietly in a corner and slept throught the whole day and night. I am so, so, so sorry. I'd do anything to have her back to her usual furniture-destroying self.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

She Loves Pillows

Several days ago I saw AnAn and Momokuai tugging at the pillow, one at each end. Both were trying to grab it from the other. To avoid another stomach-biting episode between the two, I threw in another pillow. "Nah, nah, nah!" I said. "Don't fight over it, both of you can have one each." So they went back to sleep, 2 hamsters and 2 pillows while Mimi slept outside, pillowless, under the tunnel. After a short while I saw Mimi sneaking into the igloo and drag out both pillows to her sleeping spot. One after the other she dragged them out with her mouth while the other 2 slept on unaware. How did she know about the new pillow? She was sleeping soundly under the tunnel when I put it inside the igloo.

God To My Hamsters

While Mimi snuggles up to AnAn, Momokuai sleeps in isolation. Oh, so sad. The black spot on AnAn's stomach is a bitemark about to heal. Now there are several more. So sad, so sad. It's like 2 of your children fighting - your heart goes out to both. There's no favoritism and instead of spanking Momokuai, all I want to do is comfort her. But being a hamster who doesn't understand a human, she runs away and refuses to let me touch her. Instead of letting me wipe her wounds, she licks them herself. At that instant, I thought to myself, is that how God feels about us when we hurt each other? It's not so much He getting angry with us but rather aching for us and longing to take us in His arms and wanting to wipe away our hurt. And most of us won't let Him.

Unbreak My Heart!

I thought all was well when I saw Momokuai and AnAn sleeping together yesterday morning. Perhaps they have decided to end their bloody (literally, I mean) feud after all. Night fell and I let them roam freely in the house for a change. While I was busy trimming the flowers I bought, I heard scuffling noises and huffing and puffing and I turned to see Momokuai and AnAn transformed into a furry ball. Each was biting the other and I had to make some effort to prise them apart. My heart ached so much to see each wet and bleeding. I don't know what triggered this feud after months of living peacefully together. A couple of things I noticed. First, Momokuai is always the attacker and second, she doesn't attack Mimi, her mother. She's an alpha hamster?? I read that hamsters can bite each other to death so that means Momokuai will have to be isolated. For good. Unbreak my heart...... :(

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing Can Stop Me

When she's finished, she struggles with all her might to get out. So it went on. And on.

By Hook Or By Crook I Will!

With cheeks puffed up and her head twice the usual size Momokuai tries to get inside her hamster ball. I thought she would give up, unload her food and try again but no. Stubborn hamster managed to get in, cheeks and all ,for a spin.

The Terrorist

That is the amount of food a hamster can hoard in its pouch. Lately Momokuai has been hoarding food like there's going to be a famine. She refuses to unload it in her igloo, like she usually does, and runs around frantically looking for another spot to dump her loot. Sometimes in her toilet, once in my toilet and another time behind the sewing machine. She has also been terrorising AnAn everyday, chasing after her and not stopping until she has dug her fangs in or until I send her to isolation. What has AnAn done to deserve this? She stole Momokuai's food? She bit her?

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