Saturday, April 3, 2010

God To My Hamsters

While Mimi snuggles up to AnAn, Momokuai sleeps in isolation. Oh, so sad. The black spot on AnAn's stomach is a bitemark about to heal. Now there are several more. So sad, so sad. It's like 2 of your children fighting - your heart goes out to both. There's no favoritism and instead of spanking Momokuai, all I want to do is comfort her. But being a hamster who doesn't understand a human, she runs away and refuses to let me touch her. Instead of letting me wipe her wounds, she licks them herself. At that instant, I thought to myself, is that how God feels about us when we hurt each other? It's not so much He getting angry with us but rather aching for us and longing to take us in His arms and wanting to wipe away our hurt. And most of us won't let Him.

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