Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unbreak My Heart!

I thought all was well when I saw Momokuai and AnAn sleeping together yesterday morning. Perhaps they have decided to end their bloody (literally, I mean) feud after all. Night fell and I let them roam freely in the house for a change. While I was busy trimming the flowers I bought, I heard scuffling noises and huffing and puffing and I turned to see Momokuai and AnAn transformed into a furry ball. Each was biting the other and I had to make some effort to prise them apart. My heart ached so much to see each wet and bleeding. I don't know what triggered this feud after months of living peacefully together. A couple of things I noticed. First, Momokuai is always the attacker and second, she doesn't attack Mimi, her mother. She's an alpha hamster?? I read that hamsters can bite each other to death so that means Momokuai will have to be isolated. For good. Unbreak my heart...... :(

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