Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gone Are Those Days

Life has been topsy turvy since I last blogged. My hamsters have turned against each other. Gone are the days when they could eat together, snooze on top of one another, playfully wrestle together. Gone, gone, gone. Now, they only want to draw blood. They live in 3 separate places and that means 3x of cleaning and washing for me. The other day Momokuai's foot got caught in the door - all my fault. I didn't see her when I pushed the sliding door open. I saw her shaking her foot repeatedly and knew that she must've been in great pain. It was shake-shake-shake and lick, shake-shake-shake and lick. Then I saw bleeding and the following days/nights she wasn't her usual self. She hid her head quietly in a corner and slept throught the whole day and night. I am so, so, so sorry. I'd do anything to have her back to her usual furniture-destroying self.

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