Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitty Cat Pillow

This isn't a pillow originally but a magnet. The size seemed right so I bought 2, one for AnAn and one for Momokuai because I was too lazy to lug out the sewing machine just to sew 2 small pillows. Since Mimi still has the pillow that I sewed for her I didn't buy her one. Now that they live separate lives, there's got to be 3 of everything. Momokuai bit off the magnet almost as soon as she got it and one of kitty cat's eyes...hmmm...the threads are hanging loose. I think they still prefer my hand-sewn pillows because this one is a bit hard and bouncy. Hamsters prefer pliable possessions that they can stuff into their mouths especially in emergency situations. Such as when their igloos/maze has been lifted and moved away for cleaning. Then after looking lost and bewildered for a few seconds they will stuff their blankets into their pouches, followed by their pillows and if that is not possible (usually not) they will carry it in their mouths and run around looking for their lost homes. That is a heart-rending sight but clean it I must.

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