Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Raining

There are a thousand and one things to be done but I have not managed to step out of the house to do them. The stray dogs at my workplace will have to go hungry again today. It's a lovely, dark, rainy day. Grey skies and grey seas. Simply lovely. Not good for going out - feet will get wet but great for curling up in bed and watch good movie! Unfortunately, such luxury will not be mine today. G and L has invited me to their home for dinner at an unearthly hour of 6. I usually have my dinner at 9 or 10 or even 11pm. It's almost 5 and I haven't fed Wawa and Coco yet. Nor AnAn, Mimi and Momokuai! 2 weeks of staying home has made me a procrastinator. The good news is - tomorrow (31st) has been declared a holiday. Something to do with Malaysia defeating Indonesia at a game. Most likely badminton. Someone said it'll be good if Malaysia wins all the time so there'll be endless holidays. Not likely. Wishful thinking.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Affectionate Wawa

Am I imagining things or has Wawa grown more affectionate since he got neutered? He likes to sleep near my feet when I am working at my desk. When I move from room to room, he will move with me, napping and waiting while I am busy at the other side of the door. He whines when I spend too much time watching the tv/computer screen. I don't know what he wants because he will sit there looking at me pathetically with his perpetually wrinkled forehead. Perhaps he's asking for his cushion and toys in the washing machine.

Wawa Naps

I like my stuffed orang utan..........zzzzzzz

Coco Naps

I like my bone........

Momokuai's Not So White Christmas

When I run out of foam plates I cut up empty tissue boxes to cushion the wheels instead (otherwise they make a DREADFUL noise when the hamsters go jogging). That too will be torn to shreds. Momokuai then uses them as her bed.

AnAn's White Christmas

AnAn has made a white Christmas for herself - by tearing to shreds the foam plate I used to cushion her wheel.

Another Christmas Present

2 friends gave me this very beautiful rose bowl........arigato! Just what I needed for my 3-in-1 coffee/tea sachet.

Butter Cake (By A Novice)

This is a very simple and basic butter cake but it is special because a nephew made it for me. I believe he has never baked a cake in his life because about a month or so ago he was asking me how to make a butter cake. I am not good with cakes so I told him to find the recipe on the internet. He must have done that because now he brings along his butter cake each time he visits and is very proud and enthusiastic about his little achievement .... :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

You're Special To Me

Music's strange effect on Wawa. I haven't seen him so relaxed in a long time. Wawa loves most of my visitors. He will greet each with a toy in his mouth and wag his tail vigorously. He will try to be sociable by sniffing their legs or getting his front paws on their laps. Unfortunately some visitors do not like him (poor doggie) because he looks ordinary and when they hear that he is an adopted stray dog, prejudice sets in. Fortunately, some visitors love him and find him cute and these have a special place in my heart.

I Like My Christmas Present!

A bone that disintegrates into a million crumbs is NOT a good present for your dog. I had to clean the floor a 2nd time and it was extra hard because the crumbs got sticky with dog drool and stuck to the floor. Well, we learn through our mistakes.......

Bad Dog

After chasing Coco round the house, covetous Wawa put both his and her Christmas presents in his mouth (which had grown together with the rest of him). Poor Coco could only look in despair. I had to come to her rescue.

We Got Presents!


Christmas Day

Christmas is here again! If serving = Christmas then I have celebrated Christmas the right way. No partying or merry-making but playing maid to my dogs, hamsters and visitors. Ordinary days or special days - there is no escaping the cleaning and shit-picking. I gave more than I received but I had a very, very happy Christmas with loved ones and dear, dear friends.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Let Me Be Wealthy

I desire to be wealthy but I pray that the Lord will not let me be wealthy if it is going to make me look down on others. I feel as down as Wawa looks in that picture. I called a friend to ask how she was and I gathered that she must've made her million(s) but sadly, her attractive personality seems to have evaporated with her riches. Before I can say Merry Christmas she assumed that I am in dire straits because she proceeded to teach me how to manage my finances! The she cooed - "Oooh, I'd like you to come visit me but my house isn't ready yet! You know, if my house is ready you can at least run around the compound...." My, my she must be building a house with a huge jogging track. I wonder if she's going to make all her visitors run around her compound or is it just me? (Come on now, run around before I give you your dinner, you poor pauper!) The other day her sister wanted to give me a hefty discount for a service and I decided not to trouble her with another receipt and with the very best of intentions she asked if I can "live" without that discount. Hmm, why do I get the feeling that these 2 sisters must be shaking their heads and wondering if I am going through garbage bins for food/clothes/whatever.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where Were You All Day?

The first thing Wawa did when he reached home last night was go look for Coco. He wagged his tail happily at the sight of her. Coco was elated to see us after a long day (it was already dark when we got home) and she tried to make Wawa play but I think he wasn't really up to it. He was a bit of his old self at the sight of food though - grabbing Coco's share and refusing to let her eat. This morning he grabbed her toy and snarled at me when I tried to take it from him. Hmm, I thought the castration would make him more docile.

An Awful Day

Yesterday was an awful day for Wawa. First he had to go through a nauseous car ride to the vet and then I had to leave him there for several hours, all cooped up in an uncomfortable cage, among other dogs and meowing cats. When I returned they hadn't even given him the anaesthetic for the castration! After 15 minutes I heard a long mournful howl from inside. I was very sure it was Wawa howling in terror. When he woke he had lost his manhood so to speak, and he couldn't get his feet to work properly. Then it was another long nauseous ride home. Poor Wawa. I was very glad G and L were there with us the whole day. G helped me to carry all 9.6 kg of Wawa in and out of the car and up the stairs and L helped me when Wawa got sick while I drove. Their presence comforted me greatly and a big thank you from Wawa!

New Toy!

I got a new toy..... :).....and Wawa is too weak to grab it from me.... :))

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Variation

Aha - no more hotdog for breakfast today. I decided to have my sausage on top of a saltine and I topped that up with (what else) pickled gherkins and mustard. It didn't taste that much better but I washed it down with sweet fruit tarts and teh tarik. Pickled gherkins is best finished within 3 weeks so my friends who are coming for tea on boxing day will be victims of either my gherkin hotdog or saltine gherkin. With hotdog. And mustard. Come to think of it, why not have it on Christmas Day as well??

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meticulous AnAn

Hamsters are very meticulous creatures. AnAn picked every piece of corn kernel from her plate and stashed them up like a pyramid in a little corner of her tank. Obviously she treasures her corn (and chestnut) more than her store-bought titbits. She was "playing chess with Grandpa Zhou" when I intruded. When someone nods off to sleep we say that they've gone for a game of chess with Zhou Gong (Grandpa Zhou). Not sure how that came about but it's lighter and more humorous than saying so-and-so has gone to sleep. I think.

The Accomplice

Coco couldn't have made this big a hole in such a short time without the help of an accomplice. The accomplice has retreated to the furthest corner of the house for fear of being spanked and he has stuffed his mouth with a toy sheep so that he doesn't have to bark out the truth.

I Am Sorry .... :(

Coco has every good reason to look guilty/sorry/sheepish. She just made a gigantic hole in her new bed. I bought it yesterday (rather expensive too) for 2 reasons. First, I need it to transport Wawa to/from the vet tomorrow for neutering and especially before the anaesthetic wears off. Second, Coco needs a bed because Wawa has taken over hers. Most nights she just sleeps on the cold floor, snuggling as closely as possible to Wawa who is snoozing most comfortably and warmly in what was originally her bed.

Chicken Soup For The Dogs

Well, it was worth the 3 hour wait. The dog's breakfast looked better than my breakfast and I was so tempted to have it with my sourdog. Canned chicken and cooked breast meat topped with rice cooked in chicken soup. After breakfast I decided to walk the dogs. I caught a neighbor who enjoyed himself immensely making Wawa bark - he was stamping his feet and making loud noises to scare him (safely behind the gate). I didn't think it was funny because his little daughter was frightened by Wawa's barking. I suppose if my dog goes after his daughter he'll be the first to complain to the management and get it shot. Or perhaps he will complain to his high priest.

Smells Good!

At least my dog appreciates the hotdog. But then he had been waiting for his breakfast for the past 3 hours.

Hotdog Gone Wrong

I've never made a hotdog before but after tasting a sorry-looking blah-tasting hotdog that a colleague bought for me I decided to make a delicious one. Well, that was the intention. So I bought good sausages, good mustard sauce, good bread and sweet, spiced gherkins. I fried the sausage (unfortunately burnt), arranged the pickles nicely and squeezed a generous amount of mustard on everything (like they do in the movies). The whole thing was so sour it made my stomach churn. This morning I decided to chop the cucumber and mix it with less sauce. Tasted better but you need a big mouth to eat a hotdog neatly. Halfway through the sausage fell off the bun and almost landed on my notebook. The chinese in me gave up and went for the chopsticks. Think I will stick to rice. And noodles.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sleepy Momokuai 3

I think I'll just go back to......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sleepy Momokuai 2

Well then, if there's nothing important..........

Sleepy Momokuai 1

Huh? Did you call me??

Yummy Tea Treats

We had these pretty tarts with our tea. Plus strawberry cheese cake........ :) Wawa was more sociable than Coco and tried to climb onto our laps, hoping against hope that some crumbs will fall to the floor. He managed to fool G into thinking that he's a good, well-mannered little puppy.

Tea Time

G and L came for tea yesterday and I noticed that the tea leaves were dropping to the bottom in a vertical way. A long time ago a Japanese friend told me that that's a good sign and you'll have a good day ahead of you. True enough - I had a wonderful time. So wonderful that I wished they could've stayed and chatted longer.

Christmas Present!

I got my first Christmas present 2 days ago - thank you Dr. G for such a sweet gesture! I had wanted to open it on Christmas Day but unfortunately the paper bag gave way and I heard something break and sharp bits and pieces falling out. So instead of 3 pretty cups, I now have only 2...... :(

How Do You Like Scrambled Eggs?

Was too tired to cook the dogs' usual dinner and Coco refuses to eat cold canned food. So I cooked some eggs instead - not sure if it's the right food for dogs but Coco loved it. Wawa gobbled it up like he hadn't eaten for a week.

Why Are We Waiting?

Can you hurry up with our dinner, please? We've been waiting for 2 hours.

Coco Gets Angry

Coco : Ok, I'll chew your head then.
Wawa : Owww!

Spiteful Wawa

Coco : Give me my bone!
Wawa : Come and get it if you can.....(chew, spite, chew, spite)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Walk

"Can I go outside......pleeeeeeease?"
Walking the dogs is now a once-a-week affair because I don't have the energy to carry Coco up so many flights of stairs daily. She still hasn't learnt how to climb the steps. It is blissful Saturday again! The minute Coco and Wawa saw me taking the leash they literally jumped for joy. Wawa as usual is Jet Li unleashed so he will jump about INSIDE the bushes and speed off with thrash in his mouth. Coco must be getting old/fat because she will flop on the ground, tired and panting and getting grass and twigs in her hair while Wawa's energy is endless. He can run round the block, come back and Coco will still be lying where she was.

You've Come A Long Way

2 months later - not so little anymore. My lap can barely fit him but he insists on curling up there although not for long because it is a bit uncomfortable. He will see-saw between the floor and the lap several times before settling down on the floor. How I wish he is still the little pup that he was - much easier to handle. When situation threatens I could just scoop him up in one hand. Now I need two hands and one leg + my tummy to support him.

Cute Little Wawa

2 months ago Wawa was so cute and cuddly and lap seemed the right place for him to snooze.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Lies Yonder?

Coco : Yonder lies the castle of.......what? Are those buffaloes I spy??
Wawa : Umm..not sure but these curtains look good enough to eat.

Why Are You Locked Out?

Instead of enjoying the much chased-after bone, she left it and went to see why Wawa was locked out! So she waited while Wawa whined and moaned on the other side. Perhaps she didn't like to see her friend in agony. Perhaps she enjoys being tortured by Wawa. The 2 are inseparable so Wawa will not be boarding the plane after all because I think 4 cats are already too much work for my sister. An additional dog will drive her up the wall. So I am stuck with 2 dogs for another.......10 years? Maybe 12?

Bone Of Contention

I bought another man-made bone for Coco but none for Wawa because he would just abandon his and grab whatever interests Coco. Wawa is an extremely covetous dog. Coco chased him round and round until she got tired and flopped on the floor and when she does that Wawa will settle down not too far from her and chew the bone spitefully. Then the chase will continue and Coco will look at me pleadingly for help so I confiscated the bone from Wawa, locked him out and allowed Coco to chew to her satisfaction. Or so I thought.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Will Follow You...And Sleep

Got up from my chair and saw the 2 dogs sleeping quietly nearby. Coco always wants to be as near me as possible and constantly risks getting her ear or foot stepped on.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is That The Sound Of The Sea?

Down to the sea, the waves, the sea,
Under the sky-blue sea is me...

(From the Golden Ascension's Files)

Jaws Of Destruction

Wawa SEEMS to be playing innocently with his toy near my feet under the computer table but knowing him as I do he probably has 3 things on his mind. One, those slippers look very nice and chewy. Two, the curtains are just within my reach. Three, plywood table corner good for gums. I tortured him nice and proper when he ripped off a corner of my brand new wallpaper so now just one look is enough to stop him from chewing anything - that is, if I am there to give him that look. A shriek from me also stops him in his track. Did I blog about him tearing off ALL 4 doors of mosquito netting? No?

I Am Tired Of Canned Food

Coco ate very little for a week - she will just lie on her stomach and stare at her plate of dry dog food and she managed only one or two spoonfuls of her usual canned chicken meat. In the past she would jump and bark if I was slow with her chicken meat. Then I decided to give her some of the food I usually prepared for the stray dogs - rice with chicken neck minus bones. That did the trick - it also helped whet her appetite for her canned chicken meat. This morning they had their paws on the kitchen stove while I was boiling chicken neck with rice cooked in all that thick yelllow oily juice.

Sun Is Good

I was cleaning out the back room and airing it a bit when I turned and saw Wawa sunning himself near my feet. Although they get in my way I am pleased that my dogs always want to be where I am. Loved ones are too busy with their own lives to keep you company but thank God for dogs who tail you to the tightest corner.

Growth Under Eye

" Why is there a growth under my beautiful brown eyes??"
There is a tiny growth under Momokuai's eye for the past few weeks. It hasn't grown any bigger and I hope it will subside in time. Meanwhile AnAn lost a lot of hair on one thigh and it has been like that for a couple of hamsters are aging.... :((.....2 days from now it will be one year since I brought Mimi home from the pet shop. Time flies.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Room With A View

The hamsters get one of the best rooms in the house - the study room which faces the sea. They get lulled to sleep by the sound of sea waves. They will also enjoy my company because that is where I spend the most time blogging, paying my bills, reading and maybe sewing. And counting my dwindling fortune.

Hamster Park

Mokuai, AnAn and Mimi has a more interesting playground today. I added some greenery and a little elf in a trough so they can rest when they are tired of jogging/see-sawing. This is their amusement park when I clean their homes. Unfortunately they have to take turns as I can afford only one park.

Stop Thief?

My new home has 40 feet of glass windows that face a row of aru trees and beyond that the blue, blue sea. Pretty as a picture. Last night when I looked up at the sky it was filled with stars. Wondrously delightful. And there is lots of space for Coco to chase Wawa around the house. Wawa will skip like a lamb, Coco's possession in his mouth. Coco who is a wee bit overweight will huff and puff behind him, sometimes tripping over herself. I can tell she's frustrated when she manages a few angry barks in between which sounds like "stop thief".

Lap Of Luxury

Not only does Wawa find it difficult to fit into Coco's paws, he is also finding it a wee bit difficult to fit into my lap. He has to twist and turn a few times before he can find that comfortable niche. Find it he must though or he will whine pitifully when he wants to doze off and I am too busy to offer him my lap of luxury.
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