Tuesday, December 21, 2010

An Awful Day

Yesterday was an awful day for Wawa. First he had to go through a nauseous car ride to the vet and then I had to leave him there for several hours, all cooped up in an uncomfortable cage, among other dogs and meowing cats. When I returned they hadn't even given him the anaesthetic for the castration! After 15 minutes I heard a long mournful howl from inside. I was very sure it was Wawa howling in terror. When he woke he had lost his manhood so to speak, and he couldn't get his feet to work properly. Then it was another long nauseous ride home. Poor Wawa. I was very glad G and L were there with us the whole day. G helped me to carry all 9.6 kg of Wawa in and out of the car and up the stairs and L helped me when Wawa got sick while I drove. Their presence comforted me greatly and a big thank you from Wawa!

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