Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Lies Yonder?

Coco : Yonder lies the castle of.......what? Are those buffaloes I spy??
Wawa : Umm..not sure but these curtains look good enough to eat.

Why Are You Locked Out?

Instead of enjoying the much chased-after bone, she left it and went to see why Wawa was locked out! So she waited while Wawa whined and moaned on the other side. Perhaps she didn't like to see her friend in agony. Perhaps she enjoys being tortured by Wawa. The 2 are inseparable so Wawa will not be boarding the plane after all because I think 4 cats are already too much work for my sister. An additional dog will drive her up the wall. So I am stuck with 2 dogs for another.......10 years? Maybe 12?

Bone Of Contention

I bought another man-made bone for Coco but none for Wawa because he would just abandon his and grab whatever interests Coco. Wawa is an extremely covetous dog. Coco chased him round and round until she got tired and flopped on the floor and when she does that Wawa will settle down not too far from her and chew the bone spitefully. Then the chase will continue and Coco will look at me pleadingly for help so I confiscated the bone from Wawa, locked him out and allowed Coco to chew to her satisfaction. Or so I thought.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Will Follow You...And Sleep

Got up from my chair and saw the 2 dogs sleeping quietly nearby. Coco always wants to be as near me as possible and constantly risks getting her ear or foot stepped on.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is That The Sound Of The Sea?

Down to the sea, the waves, the sea,
Under the sky-blue sea is me...

(From the Golden Ascension's Files)

Jaws Of Destruction

Wawa SEEMS to be playing innocently with his toy near my feet under the computer table but knowing him as I do he probably has 3 things on his mind. One, those slippers look very nice and chewy. Two, the curtains are just within my reach. Three, plywood table corner good for gums. I tortured him nice and proper when he ripped off a corner of my brand new wallpaper so now just one look is enough to stop him from chewing anything - that is, if I am there to give him that look. A shriek from me also stops him in his track. Did I blog about him tearing off ALL 4 doors of mosquito netting? No?

I Am Tired Of Canned Food

Coco ate very little for a week - she will just lie on her stomach and stare at her plate of dry dog food and she managed only one or two spoonfuls of her usual canned chicken meat. In the past she would jump and bark if I was slow with her chicken meat. Then I decided to give her some of the food I usually prepared for the stray dogs - rice with chicken neck minus bones. That did the trick - it also helped whet her appetite for her canned chicken meat. This morning they had their paws on the kitchen stove while I was boiling chicken neck with rice cooked in all that thick yelllow oily juice.

Sun Is Good

I was cleaning out the back room and airing it a bit when I turned and saw Wawa sunning himself near my feet. Although they get in my way I am pleased that my dogs always want to be where I am. Loved ones are too busy with their own lives to keep you company but thank God for dogs who tail you to the tightest corner.

Growth Under Eye

" Why is there a growth under my beautiful brown eyes??"
There is a tiny growth under Momokuai's eye for the past few weeks. It hasn't grown any bigger and I hope it will subside in time. Meanwhile AnAn lost a lot of hair on one thigh and it has been like that for a couple of hamsters are aging.... :((.....2 days from now it will be one year since I brought Mimi home from the pet shop. Time flies.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Room With A View

The hamsters get one of the best rooms in the house - the study room which faces the sea. They get lulled to sleep by the sound of sea waves. They will also enjoy my company because that is where I spend the most time blogging, paying my bills, reading and maybe sewing. And counting my dwindling fortune.

Hamster Park

Mokuai, AnAn and Mimi has a more interesting playground today. I added some greenery and a little elf in a trough so they can rest when they are tired of jogging/see-sawing. This is their amusement park when I clean their homes. Unfortunately they have to take turns as I can afford only one park.

Stop Thief?

My new home has 40 feet of glass windows that face a row of aru trees and beyond that the blue, blue sea. Pretty as a picture. Last night when I looked up at the sky it was filled with stars. Wondrously delightful. And there is lots of space for Coco to chase Wawa around the house. Wawa will skip like a lamb, Coco's possession in his mouth. Coco who is a wee bit overweight will huff and puff behind him, sometimes tripping over herself. I can tell she's frustrated when she manages a few angry barks in between which sounds like "stop thief".

Lap Of Luxury

Not only does Wawa find it difficult to fit into Coco's paws, he is also finding it a wee bit difficult to fit into my lap. He has to twist and turn a few times before he can find that comfortable niche. Find it he must though or he will whine pitifully when he wants to doze off and I am too busy to offer him my lap of luxury.

She Mops Again

Floor mopping is a twice daily chore - once soon as I wake and again when I get home from work. Wawa knows how to keep his paws dry when the floor is wet. He usually sleeps on top of Coco's front paws but he has trouble fitting in nowadays.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Playing Hard To Get

My niece flew over to help me move house and at the same time take a break from work and celebrate her birthday (tomorrow). So sweet of her. Each time she comes she wants to get her hands on Coco and squeeze her but Coco is playing very, very hard to get. She tries everything from creeping up on her on the floor to singing lullabies but Coco shies away all the time. After 3 days of trying Coco finally allowed her to scratch her buttocks this morning. Coco's weakness is being scratched there and under her armpits. She will stand very still with an inch of tongue sticking out.

Disgusting Coco

This is what we affectionately call "chi ku ting". I don't know how that came about but it's like calling it "little birdie" or "little willy" (sorry to all the Willys) instead of p****s. Each time Wawa pisses he knows how to stand still for me to dab his chi ku ting dry when I tell him to. Coco has a disgusting habit of licking Wawa's chi ku ting so I always tell her to stop before I change her name to Monica.

We're Moving

We are finally moving out from my crammed apartment to another larger unit just 5 minutes away. Each day is just not long enough to do all that I have to do. My poor hamsters are alone most of the time in my old apartment while the 2 dogs are still trying to get used to the new one. Tonight I will bring Mimi, Mokuai and AnAn to our new home. Moving is STRESSFUL but the extra space makes up for the hard work. I no longer have to knock my elbows against sharp corners each time I clean out Wawa's cage and Coco doesn't have to hit the glass door because she cannot brake on time after meter run. Wawa is getting very, very playful - to the point of naughtiness. He will run off with my slippers or garbage and now I have to chase him round the dining table. He couldn't do that in the past because my dining table was extremely small - fits two only. Now it fits 6 chairs so he is VERY happy about that. I finally realised that Wawa "chi ruan bu chi ying". Literally that means he "eats soft not hard" so the way to get back my slippers will be to coax him over and gently get it out of his mouth. Chasing will only make him a national sprinter.
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