Sunday, July 31, 2011

Imported Bananas No Good To Eat!

I don't like bananas. My favorite food is carrot, ok?

I love bananas but this is imported. I only eat bananas grown in Sabah!!

Anyway, I will stand guard over it.
(The selfish dog also stood guard over Coco's share.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer

Friends who know that I own and love dogs will say, "Oh, you should watch this NG channel Dog Whisperer! It is so goooooood!" but unfortunately I don't subscribe to it so the next best thing was to grab the book. Reading about the fantastic trainers and amazing dogs I am inspired! I haven't come to Cesar's Rules yet but I tried Dr. Ian Dunbar's sniffing game and it sure was a lot of fun for Coco, Wawa and me. Wawa has quickly learnt to lie down and to bring me his food toy. And it's not even a week of training!

Are we going to Hollywood, Coco?
Mmmm...they're going to audition me for an Audrey Hepburn movie.
Oh yeah? Don't you think I look like Hugh Grant? Or Rain?

Friday, July 29, 2011


Coco watching a (very boring) drama. It sent us both to sleep.

Wawa The Fly Catcher

Wawa and I have one thing in common - we are very good at catching flies. NO fly leaves this house alive! Here's one caught by Wawa. Good dog, you have learnt well. Speaking of huge, I found a gigantic insect at my workplace. It measured about 6-7 inches in length. A colleague says it is a grasshopper but I don't think so. A pity I didn't have my camera with me....:(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mommi : Here Wawa! Something to play with and something to chew for your belated birthday!

Nephew : (envy, envy) Aunty! Your dogs are having such a good life! They get new toys everyday and they get drumsticks everyday and you are their maid who clean up after them. And when it's bed time they get massaged by you! I WISH I am your dog!!!

Mommi : Are you as kawaiiii as my dogs?!

Nephew : Umm, can I have a sip of Coco's chicken soup?

Wawa : Yum, drool, slurp. Can I have my presents now?

Coco : Yoohoo, I'm behind Wawa, just in case. Am I too short?

Yeh! I want! I want! Even though it's not my birthday....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Then And Now ---- Happy Birthday Wawa!

Ooops! I forgot Wawa's birthday completely (July 15th). Didn't get any special food/toy for him, poor doggie. Let's see if I can find something you like when I go shopping later.

Here are some "then and now" photos to help me remember how much you've grown.

Then -- very cute paws.

Now -- evil claws!

Then -- cleaning Coco's ears.

Now -- still cleaning.

Then -- grabbing Coco's toys.

Now - still grabbing.

Then -- Coco's bed used to be so roomy.

Now -- the bed has shrunk.

Then - waiting with Coco for Mommi's food.

Now -- still waiting but I try to look more pitiful. She cannot resist.

Then -- waiting for Coco to relax her grip.

Now -- Coco never learns. I always get what I want and faster.

Then -- I loved sleeping under your chin.

Now -- I wish I can still do that but (sigh) you have grown smaller. I want a new toy for my birthday! All our toys are torn and tattered....:(

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Beach

Waaaahhh! What's that?

It's called the SEA!

Stop taking pictures! I'm hot and tired and not looking my best! Blah!

I found a stick. Do you want to play?
Snarl! I'm exhausted and ITCHY! Twigs and weeds and branches sticking all over me! Snarl, snarl!

Kai Kai 2

Hmmm, this rock smells of pure, healthy, unadulterated dog piss.

You're right. Can we bring this home?

Let's see if I can lift it. No. You want to give it a try?

Kai Kai 1

I'm free! I'm free!

I can even pay the neighbor a visit! On 2nd thoughts, better not. There's a fly swatter in Mommi's hand.....:(

We're free! We're free!

At long last....a walk! Never say "kai-kai" to my dogs if you don't intend to bring them out of the house. Their ears will stand up like Mr. Spock's at the word and then they will cock their heads to one side. Followed by a look of understanding. Wawa will jump up and down like a spring and Coco will bark at the door. Mad barking. Mad rush for Wawa around the couch. Mad Wawa tugging at Coco's leash. Kai kai is madness.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I organized a 5S study tour to the State Prison Department yesterday. I am not new to 5S as my previous workplace has been certifed for the past 5 years. Personally, I find 5S improves work efficiency more than other methods like QCC (Quality Control Circles) or MS ISO. My present workplace (been here for little over a year) needs 5S rather desperately but staff here don't really know what 5S is. They only know 3S (shit, shower and shave). I hope the tour was an eye-opener and an inspiration to everyone although we did hear comments like "very difficult lah!".

The Prison Department did a pretty good job but they probably had a lot of $$$. Every room or unit had a set of comfortable sofa WITH tv. You mean we can watch tv during office hours?? I think I want to work here. We were free to inspect their drawers and look just how neat they are! Coco! Wawa! You want to be prison dogs? Messy dogs will be imprisoned. And caned.

Oh My Eye!

Poor Lele has been suffering from eye problem for quite some time now. I believe he is allergic to chestnuts. That's as bad as having a swollen eye because he LOVES chestnut! Whenever I feed him chestnuts his eye will swell with pus. Here he is looking rather miserable after I squeezed out all the gooey stuff. I know you don't like it but you will certainly feel better when it's out....

Momo Has Left Us....

21st November 2009 ~ 7th July 2011

I don't really know when Mimi and Momo were born but I brought them home on 21st November 2009. I didn't realise that an inconspicuous rodent can make me this sad. Seeing Momo (and Mimi and Ping) sick and die has sort of stressed me out. Perhaps it's coincidental, it could be too much caffeine or too much work. I haven't been feeling well and today I am seeing signs of a dreadful flu. I decided to take a day off. I absolutely hate it when peole sniff and cough and insist on going to work and spreading the virus to everyone. I don't want to dwell on negative things in this blog (I already have) so I look forward to posting something more cheerful after this. I am finally feeling a teeny, weeny bit of enthusiasm creeping into my life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Know Your Name Now!

I went to town today and dropped by a book store. I don't read much nowadays and when I do I go for books with lots of pictures and little text. I seldom finish a book and when it's utterly dull I read it backwards. One of my favorite shelves would be labelled "Pets" and "Dogs". I would go for chapters like "Barking Nine To Five" or "Chewing Inappropriate Items". It says wait for your dog to quiet down and then reward it. I tried that with Coco and after feeding her a bit of titbit she waited for more. None. She got the idea. She went outside to bark again. I called and she sat nicely in front of me so she got another goodie. No more? Okay, I'll go outside and bark again.....:(
I flipped through some garden books and found the names for my 2 favorite flowers. The lovely one in my previous post is called a gardenia. Why didn't I remember that? The one in this post is called spider lily. It too has a strong, lovely scent which fills the whole room. Just what's needed when Wawa's toilet odour wafts into the room.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Is Your Name, Beautiful Flower?

3rd of July 2011 -- I laid Mimi to rest this morning. When the sun rose I went downstairs with all my tools and started digging into the hard ground. A young lady greeted me as she jogged up and down and must've thought I was bonkers when I scolded my dogs two floors away. I just KNEW they were up to no good because they were unusually quiet (seconds ago barking madly because I was outside and they weren't) and I heard newspaper being pulled out of Wawa's toilet tray. After planting Mimi's Rose of India I went to look for my favorite flowers. This is one of them. A flower that I used to pluck and smell as a child. It has a scent which makes me close my eyes and smile and it gets better as it wilts. I still do not know what it's called. Magnolia? Rose of...Sabah? That sounds so flat, so unlike Rose of India which conjures up exotic images of Taj Mahal and sarees and sitar.

You like it too, Coco? And were you the one who pulled out the newspaper with all Wawa's urine and shit...???!!! Bad dog!
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