Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Is Your Name, Beautiful Flower?

3rd of July 2011 -- I laid Mimi to rest this morning. When the sun rose I went downstairs with all my tools and started digging into the hard ground. A young lady greeted me as she jogged up and down and must've thought I was bonkers when I scolded my dogs two floors away. I just KNEW they were up to no good because they were unusually quiet (seconds ago barking madly because I was outside and they weren't) and I heard newspaper being pulled out of Wawa's toilet tray. After planting Mimi's Rose of India I went to look for my favorite flowers. This is one of them. A flower that I used to pluck and smell as a child. It has a scent which makes me close my eyes and smile and it gets better as it wilts. I still do not know what it's called. Magnolia? Rose of...Sabah? That sounds so flat, so unlike Rose of India which conjures up exotic images of Taj Mahal and sarees and sitar.

You like it too, Coco? And were you the one who pulled out the newspaper with all Wawa's urine and shit...???!!! Bad dog!


Rubie said...

That is a nice flower auntie Tooki - we've never seen one like that we don't think.

By the way.....naughtiness is obviously Wawa - not my mate Coco!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Magic said...

What a beautiful flower! It sounds as if it should have a beautiful name but I don't think I've ever seen one. Love from Magic xx

Matilda said...

Hi Tooki,
I am sorry about Mimi.
The white rose is very very beautiful.
What beautiful pictures!

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