Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I organized a 5S study tour to the State Prison Department yesterday. I am not new to 5S as my previous workplace has been certifed for the past 5 years. Personally, I find 5S improves work efficiency more than other methods like QCC (Quality Control Circles) or MS ISO. My present workplace (been here for little over a year) needs 5S rather desperately but staff here don't really know what 5S is. They only know 3S (shit, shower and shave). I hope the tour was an eye-opener and an inspiration to everyone although we did hear comments like "very difficult lah!".

The Prison Department did a pretty good job but they probably had a lot of $$$. Every room or unit had a set of comfortable sofa WITH tv. You mean we can watch tv during office hours?? I think I want to work here. We were free to inspect their drawers and look just how neat they are! Coco! Wawa! You want to be prison dogs? Messy dogs will be imprisoned. And caned.

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