Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Know Your Name Now!

I went to town today and dropped by a book store. I don't read much nowadays and when I do I go for books with lots of pictures and little text. I seldom finish a book and when it's utterly dull I read it backwards. One of my favorite shelves would be labelled "Pets" and "Dogs". I would go for chapters like "Barking Nine To Five" or "Chewing Inappropriate Items". It says wait for your dog to quiet down and then reward it. I tried that with Coco and after feeding her a bit of titbit she waited for more. None. She got the idea. She went outside to bark again. I called and she sat nicely in front of me so she got another goodie. No more? Okay, I'll go outside and bark again.....:(
I flipped through some garden books and found the names for my 2 favorite flowers. The lovely one in my previous post is called a gardenia. Why didn't I remember that? The one in this post is called spider lily. It too has a strong, lovely scent which fills the whole room. Just what's needed when Wawa's toilet odour wafts into the room.

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