Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year! (Especially To Myself)

What?!!?  What did you say Mr. Grouch said?

He told Mommi to lock us up in that claustrophobic balcony when she invited him for Chinese New Year lunch.

But why???  I behaved quite nicely when he visited us, although he did tell me to shut up once.

Because he was going to invite his son + daughter-in-law + many grandchildren to our home.  Without Mommi's consent.  He's afraid you might scare the kids and they don't like it when we lick them.  They will have to wash themselves 7 times.  We are dirty to them....even though Mommi washed us and we're smelling like fresh jasmine.

Oh no, Coco!  Is Mommi really going to lock us up?  To be honest, I don't quite like Mr. Grouch.  No, I am not having conjunctivitis,  those are unshed tears.  I am worried...it's no fun getting locked up for so many hours while they talk and eat and laugh.

Just look at some of the goodies they'll be munching on while we're cooped up in that hot, stifling balcony!!  Boo-hoo-hoo....hate that Mr. Grouch!

Relax my doggy siblings.....Mommi will not lock you up at all.  She boxed Mr. Grouch's ears with a scathing text message which sent him and his brood packing.  We won't be seeing them for many a Chinese New Year, not even when the dragon has made a full circle after 12 years.  She said anyone who insults her furry kids insult her.  Heh...heh....heh....yawn...zzzzzz.

It's a new dragon year!  The dragon has been spewing fire on Aunty Tooki's head since day one.  Today she had to miss a lunch invitation that she was so, so, so looking forward to because someone passed her the FLU (hate!!) and someone's car broke down and she wasted ALL DAY helping out with that.  She also came across many, many annoying humans and has decided that dogs are way better company than all of them put together.  However, Aunty Tooki will splash water on this dragon because Jesus lives in her heart, yay!

I want to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to Haopee and Bowie for giving me the One Lovely Blog Award together.  Of course, I will pick it up as soon as I can!  Wow, that's a bucket of water right on Mr. Dragon's nose, thanks!

Tegan, thank you for visiting my blog, I do not know what breed Wawa is because he is a homeless pup born in my workplace.  We call such dogs pariah and they lead a life that is full of suffering and is looked down by (most) humans and sometimes very ill-treated.  So ill-treated that many a times I shed buckets of tears for them.

Gong Xi Fa Cai (blessing of prosperity) to all from Tooki, Coco, Wawa and Wei Wei!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Don't Air The Bed!

Come on, Wawa, rise and shine.  It's time to air that bed.

Awwww but I still want to sleep some more!

Let Mommi air that bed, Wawa!!  If I can't have it, it might as well be aired!

Grrr, grrrr, grrrr!  It's Saturday today, I don't have to get up this early!

Don't mess with me!!  Or my bed!!

Nothing is safe in this house.  I just have to hold on to my bed while I sleep.

Please stop taking away my bed.....I am exhausted.....need to sleep...

Hello!  My name is Wei Wei, short for An Wei which means to comfort.  I hope I will be a comfort to Mommi Tooki for losing 6 other uncles and aunties before me....^_^
Tooki wants to say a BIG thank you to Magic for the award.  She will pick it up as soon as she can...:))
So sorry I have not been able to view and comment....just a few will take half a day due to snail pace connection.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bed And The Bone

La...la....hum, hum, hum!  I got a new bed for Christmas and I love, love, love it!

Excuse me, Wawa.  That bed isn't just for you.  It is for the BOTH of US.  Now go away.  It is my turn to use the bed.  You've been sleeping there like a sack of potatoes for many days and many nights.

No!!?!  It is mine, mine mine!  You go sleep in that old, bottomless bed!!  It's a burberry and befits your high station!  This brandless bed is for me, a mongrel/stray/village kampung dog!

I said go away! Shriek! Get lost! Yelp, yelp, yelp!! (That's the way Coco speaks)
Nooo!  Grrrrr!  Nip!  Bite!  Snarl!  (That's the way Wawa speaks)

Oh, stop sulking, Coco!  Talk to me, please!  If you ignore me, my life is a broken pencil (pointless).  Tell you what, I'll let you have the bone that Aunty N gave us on New Year's Day?

Happy New Year from Tooki, Coco and Wawa!!

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