Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bed And The Bone, hum, hum!  I got a new bed for Christmas and I love, love, love it!

Excuse me, Wawa.  That bed isn't just for you.  It is for the BOTH of US.  Now go away.  It is my turn to use the bed.  You've been sleeping there like a sack of potatoes for many days and many nights.

No!!?!  It is mine, mine mine!  You go sleep in that old, bottomless bed!!  It's a burberry and befits your high station!  This brandless bed is for me, a mongrel/stray/village kampung dog!

I said go away! Shriek! Get lost! Yelp, yelp, yelp!! (That's the way Coco speaks)
Nooo!  Grrrrr!  Nip!  Bite!  Snarl!  (That's the way Wawa speaks)

Oh, stop sulking, Coco!  Talk to me, please!  If you ignore me, my life is a broken pencil (pointless).  Tell you what, I'll let you have the bone that Aunty N gave us on New Year's Day?

Happy New Year from Tooki, Coco and Wawa!!


Magic said...

Coco it looks to me as if you have lost that new bed to Wawa - it is a very smart bed too. But a bone is good - chewing bones is fun if you can't have the new bed - love from Magic xx

Rubie said...

How mean - making a schnauzer sleep in a bottomless bed!!! How could you Tooki!!?? Couldn't Santa have got two "brandless beds????"

I don't think Coco will be allowed to chew too long before Wawa intervenes!! So you better chew fast!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie

PeeS: mum wants to say "Happy New Year my Friends!!"

What Remains Now said...

Oh, I sense many funny "bed wars" posts for 2012. I'm glad the bottomless bed is still around. I'll probably cry when it finally must go. Happy New Year!

Bowie said...

Oh my! The bottomless bed is still around? I thought you guys would have new beds as Christmas presents. Anyway, I love that 2nd last photo with Coco's legs sticking up! REally funny!

Happy New Year 2012!


Matilda said...

Happy new year, Tooki , Wawa and Coco!
I love your cute pictures.
Be nice wawa and coco!

Magic said...

Just to let you know Tooki we have nominated you on our page for a Pawsome Blog award. We always enjoy your blogs very much - love from Magic xx

All4UrPet said...

Awww sibling love/ rivalry at its finest... I'm glad you guys came to an agreement... Wawa gets the bed and Coco gets the bone! Perfect! Next time y'all can switch off :)

All4UrPet Representative

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haopee said...

Hi, Tooki!

Wow, adopting a stray dog is a good thing. I'm glad you did it.

Now, Wawa, you should share the bed or you won't be given any more privileges next time.

Huggies and Cheese,


Tamago said...

LOL LOL LOL, I see a little war going on over the new bed! Wawa, you loved your bottomless bed so much...but you seem to love the new one better. It's nice of you to offer the bone to Coco :-) I hope you get to keep the new bed!

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