Monday, August 20, 2012

Why We Seldom Blog....

What's that you're munching without me, Wawa?!!?

Almond crumble from Mommi's cheesecake!

Thank you, friends for dropping by even after such a long absence.  The reason is this change by the administrators....the cursor becomes uncontrollable, I can't put my text where I want to, difficulty scrolling...endless.  I can go on complaining about the poor quality of this change.  I much prefer the older version when uploading a pic was such a breeze.  Don't be surprised if we disappear from this place forever but for all who are interested in knowing how we're getting on please be a member of 365project and follow me at

Just for your info, this post has been absurdly difficult to complete and upload.  Even as I type, I cannot see what I am typing, the words are invisible until you enter the next line....really the pits.  Awful.  Hope whoever is responsible for this sees this post.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

In The Art Gallery

Ooh, I am famous! 

So am I!

Haha...just having fun with my smartphone...:D

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