Saturday, February 18, 2012


Come out, please!

I know you're up there!

I know you're in the dryer somewhere.

Something juicy is waiting for you inside this trap box.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Sick Dog-Haters

Homeless dog and her 3 puppies looking for food.  This neighbor (don't know who they are) always leaves thrash lying on the ground like that because he/she is too lazy to lift the lid and throw the thrash inside the bin.  I will leave you to say your piece about such people.  I just deleted what I thought of them.

I didn't want to bother with these homeless doggies but I just had to because of this tail-less dog.  Months ago I noticed him walking around with an almost severed tail.  It was hanging miserably, most of it raw and bloody, no more hair on it and just so painful to watch that Aunty Tooki wept another bucket of tears for it.  I contacted an NGO but they told me "try to get the exact location".  My apartment area is already the exact location so I didn't know just how "exact" they wanted me to be.  They conveniently forgot about my plea and then one day it started to make my staircase its home.  Talk about the law of attraction.  It looked so miserable I decided to give it food.  Then the tail dropped off and a bloody end was left and now after many, many nights of boiled chicken and rice (that's why no time to blog) it is nicely healed and doggie now walks with lighter steps.  It is even strong enough to snarl at the little pups.  Every night about 4 or 5 of them plus these 3 little puppies will wait for my insufficient bowl of rice.  It's not enough but it's all I can afford for now so they are still going through thrash left by incosiderate neighbors.  The dogs at my office were so hungry they used to eat poop from discarded pampers.  Yukky, right?  They don't do that anymore.  Tail-less dog is the 2nd dog I've seen with tail severed.  There are some dog haters around here.  Another one probably had boiling water poured on its head because a neighbor saw it walking around stinking to high heaven with maggots.  It's probably dead by now.  I just deleted another gory one which I heard from a colleague.  This place has quite a number of very sick dog-haters.
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