Saturday, August 28, 2010


I decided to name him Wawa because he looks like a chihuahua. Wawa has a way of making you shed tears, maybe because his tail is always down and he's got a constant frown on his face. He whimpers for affection but Coco is very stingy with that. She runs away when Wawa draws near and tries to lick or touch her. So Wawa will be whimpering with loneliness and following us around whenever he's strong enough. He'll put his head on my feet when I am nearby. When I put him on my lap he will stop whimpering and go to sleep instantly. I had to return him to his mother the next day which was difficult. That will be returning to filth and dirty food again but at least he will be able to snuggle up to his mama and brothers. And I will check on him as often as I can.

Sleepless Night

I couldn't resist the urge to bring tiny tot home so that was just what I did on Thursday after work. I bundled him up, brought him home and bathed him. His ribs stuck out and his belly distended in an unhealthy way, probably full of undigested, rotting food and rubbish. He shivered for more than an hour after his warm bath and I wrapped him and he slept until he stopped trembling. Then began his hourly purge and I couldn't sleep till dawn! But he had toilet etiquette, weak and sleepy he clambered out of his basket to pee/purge religiously. The next day I brought him to the vet and he was jabbed 6 times and he screamed so loud and long that I had to leave the room. No worms (thank goodness) but he has a protozoal infection. And flu. And ticks.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Happy, I Happy

The little puppies can now recognize my feet, at least. Whenever I visit them they will yelp happily, expertly jump off the curb and mill around my feet. They will wag their little tails and lick my fingers and really make my day. Their happiness makes me happy.......:) I keep my sister informed about them constantly and she is happy too. My text and photos always make her weep and now she feeds the strays around her house too.

Street Pups

These claws are actually for mama dog but the pups looked hungry even after they had eaten their puppy food so I just let them have a taste. Only started eating 2 days ago and these little pups already know how not to choke on the bones. Street pups are way smarter than.....Coco my pampered dog!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's Recipe

What I just cooked for hungry mama dog.......chicken feet/butt again! Does not look very palatable but it is better than all the trash she has been feeding on. I have been spending many hours on my computer, blogging and seeing what other people are blogging about their pets. This is very time-consuming and Coco is bored stiff. She has given up trying to make me play with her and is walking around the house with a very dejected expression. Poor Coco!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Toys For Me

Coco gets a new toy every other day but this poor little doggie plays with trash....plastics, empty cartons, bottles. A chinese saying says "tong ren bu tong ming" meaning all are humans but not all have the same life or fate. Some live lives of comfort and luxury while others sleep on the streets. Likewise, all are dogs but not all are equally blessed. Coco is lucky to have an owner who dotes on her but these dogs have no-one to care for them. When I go near, they cower in fear or run off. An annoying colleague makes derogatory remarks about dogs all the time and sneers when I feed them while another threw stones to shoo them off. More often than not, they are regarded as a nuisance. But I am happy to say that they are slowly changing and because I care they are beginning to see them in a different light too.

Lean On Me

My job is nothing to shout about and I am not really a people-person so seeing these puppies and feeding their mother give me a lot of pleasure and really make my day. I don't know how long I can feed them or whether I can do it everyday but I don't worry about that at all. I try my best to live one day at a time so I only worry about feeding them one day at a time. Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.........

Not Again!

It fell into the drain again today but I couldn't rescue it this time. I hope mama will get her out.

Don't Know Why But I Like You

This is the tiniest of the lot and the one I'd like to bring home when weaned. It's skinny, has poor eyesight and wobbles on its feet. The other day it fell into the drain and yelped super loudly when I rescued it. It was still screaming when I returned it to the mother.

We Have Each Other

At least they have each other and are most contented when mama is around. Mama = milk = survival. When there were still 7 of them I used to put food near mama and puppies but that only drew the attention of the other dogs. To protect them poor mama carried them one by one to another secluded place across the street. I didn't realise what she was doing and thought that she had abandoned her pups. They were yelping on top of their voices all morning and when I went to check on them during lunch I found one lonely pup crying miserably for its mother. I thought someone had taken the pups home (and left this one behind) and as a result mama abandoned them. So I put it in a box with some towel and tried feeding it milk. It couldn't drink properly and kept whimpering/yelping for mom when it wasn't sleeping. I decided to bring it home and let Coco be stand-in mom. As I was about to leave the office its mother found me and was I relieved to see her! She didn't give up looking for her baby even though I kept it in my room for half a day. She's a great mom. For mothers who dump their babies (sometimes still alive) in garbage bins - please learn from this dog!

Life Is Miserable

One of the puppies - no home, no loving owner, not enough is miserable indeed.

I Am Full - At Long Last!

This is a stray female at my workplace which gave birth to 9 puppies about a month ago. Very sadly, I only see 4 puppies now. I have been feeding it for the past month but the other dogs will get her food as soon as my back is turned. It's Saturday today so I decided to cook a BIG meal for all the dogs (they were surviving on bread and sardines which barely filled their stomachs). It looked so delicious I was tempted to drink the soup (chicken feet/butt), I didn't. When I arrived all the dogs were nowhere to be found except for this mama dog and her pups. I gave her all the food and went to check on her puppies. When I came back she had finished everything and not even a tiny bone was left for her friends. Or enemies, rather.


Mimi cleaning her foot.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stray Dogs

The other day my colleagues and I were drooling, oohing and aahing about the maid who inherited 12 million from her rich owner. Didn't read the details but she sure is lucky - don't you wish it's you. What would I do if I had 12 million? I would open a shelter for homeless animals. Thanks to Coco I became more aware of the stray dogs at my workplace (after ignoring them for the past half year) and finally did what I was trying hard not to do all the time - feed them. Puppies appeared and I became particularly fond of one which came running each time I whistled. One by one they were captured, hopefully, into new homes. Who knows, some might end up in a pot. Sad but true. My little favorite was the last to be captured because it knew how to run away when strangers approached. It was finally caught but not before giving the fellow a long jog around the building in the rain. The man seemed suspiciously persistant and I felt uneasy when he took hold of a stick. I couldn't do much except tell him you better take good care of the dog and not eat it!! Coco and the likes are having a good life but strays lead very, very miserable lives.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Great Inovation

Very useful device for picking up dog shit. Step 1 - cover excrement with sufficient tissue. Step 2 - pick it up with the device. Step 3 - flush it. Step 4 - clean up what's left on the floor. Any useful device for mopping up urine?

Go To Sleep!

The best time of any day is when this dog sleeps.


Schnauzer's snout....... : )

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Send Me The Pillow

I bought new pillows for my hamsters and as usual Momokuai is always the one to tear it apart. That's one thing she has in common with the dog.

Dreaming Of Shangri-la

OK...we will wait for our shangri-la....zzzz....

Poor Dears

A dog is so consuming that Mi, An and Mokuai have been rather neglected. Their daily routine consists of sleeping 12 hours during the day, stirring when the sun goes down. Stretching and yawning and then preening themselves like an emperor's consort for at least another hour before jogging till dawn on their wheels. That is so boring but for the moment that will have to suffice. Till the day when I can get them a bigger playground, with lots of tunnels! Hang on there hamsters!

Lao Bak Giu

Did I hear you call me "Old Man Dog???" I am female and barely a year old....

Old Man Dog

This is Coco's favourite toy and she knows it by name. When we have time (rare, rare, rare) we'll play hide and seek with her. We will hide her octopus and then ask her where's your octopus Coco? Then she'll start searching for it and looking very pathetic at the same time. Schnauzers have a kind of pathetic look about them and the nickname for it in Chinese is "lao bak giu" or "old man dog".

Envious Dog

Coco now refuses to eat dry food so I have changed her diet to rice + meat and now it's just meat because the rice sticks to her whiskers and I am too tired to pick them out one by one. She loathes the dry pellets and prefers to starve each time I put them in front of her but she'll swallow anything I feed the hamsters. That includes all the maize and nuts that they eat. It's just envy. Once in a while, Mi, An and Mokuai eat dry dog food. Still a lot left. It must be very unpalatable because even starved stray dogs refuse to eat them.

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