Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Have Each Other

At least they have each other and are most contented when mama is around. Mama = milk = survival. When there were still 7 of them I used to put food near mama and puppies but that only drew the attention of the other dogs. To protect them poor mama carried them one by one to another secluded place across the street. I didn't realise what she was doing and thought that she had abandoned her pups. They were yelping on top of their voices all morning and when I went to check on them during lunch I found one lonely pup crying miserably for its mother. I thought someone had taken the pups home (and left this one behind) and as a result mama abandoned them. So I put it in a box with some towel and tried feeding it milk. It couldn't drink properly and kept whimpering/yelping for mom when it wasn't sleeping. I decided to bring it home and let Coco be stand-in mom. As I was about to leave the office its mother found me and was I relieved to see her! She didn't give up looking for her baby even though I kept it in my room for half a day. She's a great mom. For mothers who dump their babies (sometimes still alive) in garbage bins - please learn from this dog!

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