Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Am Full - At Long Last!

This is a stray female at my workplace which gave birth to 9 puppies about a month ago. Very sadly, I only see 4 puppies now. I have been feeding it for the past month but the other dogs will get her food as soon as my back is turned. It's Saturday today so I decided to cook a BIG meal for all the dogs (they were surviving on bread and sardines which barely filled their stomachs). It looked so delicious I was tempted to drink the soup (chicken feet/butt), I didn't. When I arrived all the dogs were nowhere to be found except for this mama dog and her pups. I gave her all the food and went to check on her puppies. When I came back she had finished everything and not even a tiny bone was left for her friends. Or enemies, rather.

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