Friday, July 2, 2010

No More House

I have confiscated my hamsters' igloos to give them more space in their new fish-tank homes. Why do they need to live in a house within a house anyway. They can no longer hide and in future I can see more of their cute little tummies. I love it when they sleep on their backs. Even the dog sleeps on her back and understands urut-urut (massage). When I say "urut-urut?" she'll roll over and let me massage her tummy. What a win-win situation. She gets massaged while I get tickled. If only my hamsters will let me do that.....

Oil Country

I drove to a neighboring oil-rich country with friends and family and it was most enjoyable. There was so much fun and laughter. It isn't a big place and living there can be pretty boring but it is clean and tidy and virtually crime-free. A neat place. And that dome probably has real gold in it. I am sure of it.

Another Weekend Trip

I went for another weekend trip in June and this time I left Mimi, AnAn and Mokuai on their own. I made sure they had lots of food and enough water and left with a slightly heavy heart but experts say it's ok for a couple of days. When I came home they looked slightly groggy but after fresh shavings, fresh food, fresh water and clean homes plus lots of soothing words, they went jogging on their wheels like nothing ever happened.

So Busy!

Life has been so busy and before you know it, July is here. Half of 2010 is gone. No time to blog, no time to aim my camera at my hamsters and dog. These wheels, which have been lying dormant since I bought hamster balls, are now put to good use again. Balls are now tattered and almost unusable while cages have been exchanged with fish tanks which are easier to clean and big enough for a wheel to go in. I hope they're happier.......

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