Monday, July 16, 2012

Coco's Grooming (And Japanese Cheesecake)

Coco  :  Please, no photos!  You are the one being interviewed today.
Mom  :  Oh, so sorry.  I thought you look so pretty after I groomed you.
Coco  :  Now, where did you learn your
Mom  :  The internet.  They have pictures of schnauzer grooming.
Coco  :  *gasp*  Why did you stop sending me to the pet shop?
Mom  :  Expensive and they kept increasing.  You want toys or expensive haircut?
Coco  :  Toys, of course.

Coco  :  Oh really, I insist that you stop taking my photo.
Mom  :  I just want to show the world how pretty you are.
Coco  :  You do realise that you shaved me too close to the skin?
Mom  : forgot to attach the comb.  It has been a long time since I last cut your hair....
Coco  :  And you nearly drew blood on top of my head?
Mom  :  I am SO sorry...people tend to be forgetful, especially when they're middle-aged.

Coco  :  I cannot face the world anymore!  Your grooming makes me look fat!!!!
Mom  :  That's not true at all.  It is your love for tidbits and sweet stuff.  Don't blame me.
Coco  :  I have uneven patches all over me and my forehead is so bare you can see wrinkles there!!
Mom  :  I am SO sorry, Coco!  How can I make it up to you?!
Coco  :  Belly rubs.  At least one hour and preferably longer.  More tidbits and toys.

And I want more of that Japanese chizukeki!!!  You didn't give me enough.  Where is that chunk going to?  Don't you know I love cheese?  And cakes?  You owe me.  *SULK SULK*

Friday, July 13, 2012


You're having THAT without ME?

Sorry for being away for so long!  Aunty Tooki suddenly has a new obsession with all things cake and so has been busy kneading and sweating over flour and butter and the hot oven.  It is something new to me so a lot of failures along the way (a benefit to Coco, Wawa and homeless dogs) but I'm coming along....

There is a little story behind this photo.  Before I could finish shooting, Coco accidentally (questionable) pulled off the tablecloth.  My cup broke and the cake went splat on the floor.  She apologised and cleaned up the mess before I could find my rag.  Did you ask me where Wawa was when all this drama took place and why it wasn't him who swallowed the cake?  A new neighbor moved in last week and the whole village seems to have been visiting her and her new home so Wawa has been super busy barking/trembling/pissing at imaginary murderers outside the door....:((

Have a nice weekend!!

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