Saturday, August 28, 2010


I decided to name him Wawa because he looks like a chihuahua. Wawa has a way of making you shed tears, maybe because his tail is always down and he's got a constant frown on his face. He whimpers for affection but Coco is very stingy with that. She runs away when Wawa draws near and tries to lick or touch her. So Wawa will be whimpering with loneliness and following us around whenever he's strong enough. He'll put his head on my feet when I am nearby. When I put him on my lap he will stop whimpering and go to sleep instantly. I had to return him to his mother the next day which was difficult. That will be returning to filth and dirty food again but at least he will be able to snuggle up to his mama and brothers. And I will check on him as often as I can.

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