Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Moving

We are finally moving out from my crammed apartment to another larger unit just 5 minutes away. Each day is just not long enough to do all that I have to do. My poor hamsters are alone most of the time in my old apartment while the 2 dogs are still trying to get used to the new one. Tonight I will bring Mimi, Mokuai and AnAn to our new home. Moving is STRESSFUL but the extra space makes up for the hard work. I no longer have to knock my elbows against sharp corners each time I clean out Wawa's cage and Coco doesn't have to hit the glass door because she cannot brake on time after meter run. Wawa is getting very, very playful - to the point of naughtiness. He will run off with my slippers or garbage and now I have to chase him round the dining table. He couldn't do that in the past because my dining table was extremely small - fits two only. Now it fits 6 chairs so he is VERY happy about that. I finally realised that Wawa "chi ruan bu chi ying". Literally that means he "eats soft not hard" so the way to get back my slippers will be to coax him over and gently get it out of his mouth. Chasing will only make him a national sprinter.

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