Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Let Me Be Wealthy

I desire to be wealthy but I pray that the Lord will not let me be wealthy if it is going to make me look down on others. I feel as down as Wawa looks in that picture. I called a friend to ask how she was and I gathered that she must've made her million(s) but sadly, her attractive personality seems to have evaporated with her riches. Before I can say Merry Christmas she assumed that I am in dire straits because she proceeded to teach me how to manage my finances! The she cooed - "Oooh, I'd like you to come visit me but my house isn't ready yet! You know, if my house is ready you can at least run around the compound...." My, my she must be building a house with a huge jogging track. I wonder if she's going to make all her visitors run around her compound or is it just me? (Come on now, run around before I give you your dinner, you poor pauper!) The other day her sister wanted to give me a hefty discount for a service and I decided not to trouble her with another receipt and with the very best of intentions she asked if I can "live" without that discount. Hmm, why do I get the feeling that these 2 sisters must be shaking their heads and wondering if I am going through garbage bins for food/clothes/whatever.

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