Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hotdog Gone Wrong

I've never made a hotdog before but after tasting a sorry-looking blah-tasting hotdog that a colleague bought for me I decided to make a delicious one. Well, that was the intention. So I bought good sausages, good mustard sauce, good bread and sweet, spiced gherkins. I fried the sausage (unfortunately burnt), arranged the pickles nicely and squeezed a generous amount of mustard on everything (like they do in the movies). The whole thing was so sour it made my stomach churn. This morning I decided to chop the cucumber and mix it with less sauce. Tasted better but you need a big mouth to eat a hotdog neatly. Halfway through the sausage fell off the bun and almost landed on my notebook. The chinese in me gave up and went for the chopsticks. Think I will stick to rice. And noodles.

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