Saturday, December 17, 2011


We have been.............

.........sleeping on our posting responsibilities!

24 hours is not enough, there's so much to do each day and a slow internet connection doesn't help at all.  However, I did visit an aquarium called the Green Connection (don't ever visit, avoid, lousy, rundown, delapidated) and managed to get some animal photos.......

Hi all.  As you can see, I lead a boring and meaningless existence in this awful place.  The gate is open, if I can rouse myself, I might just be able to make a dash for freedom.  Ahhh, but I am too lethargic to do it.

Come rub my belly!  Hi all, I am a turtle who used to roam the deep blue ocean but now I will have to live my remaining 999 years or more in this dirty, murky, greenish water.  That's why it's called the Green Connection.

Fishes!  Will you stay still for a photo??
We are restless!  Put us back where we belong, we hate this dirty algae ridden tanks!!  Well, of course, we do love algae when they're not feeding us enough.
(By the way, that beautiful grey haired photographer in the reflection is none other than Tooki.)

You have heard of angry bird.  How about angry sting ray?  There is no joy living in tanks!  I need the ocean!!  Why are you taking my photo???

I guess we terrapins are the luckiest here.  We quite like murky ponds and we can sun ourselves on these rocks they made.  There's a whole bunch of us here so it doesn't get too lonely......

Phew!  I am glad no one's interested in dragonflies.  We're as free as the birds!

So, shall we go see a movie?
I could've watched 4 movies for the amount we had to pay at that lousy Green Connection!  Why don't we just sit here and look at the sea?  It's cheaper.


Matilda said...

Hi Coco and Wawa!
Just sleeping and sitting and looking at the sea sounds great!
Have a nice holiday!

Rubie said...

So auntie Tooki - did you help any of those poor animals BUST outa there? I feel sorry for them!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie

Magic said...

What a sad place - it made us feel so sorry for those poor creatures. At least the dragon flies can fly free! Love from Magic xx

What Remains Now said...

Glad to see you all. Sad for the poor animals. I often feel that way, even if the zoo is nice. If it's icky, it makes me real sad. Coca and Wawa look like they're living the good life though!

Tamago said...

I'm sorry that the place was not nice and I feel sad for these poor animals.
Coco and Wawa look so relaxed. What a wonderful life they have!

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