Thursday, December 1, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

Decided I had enough of my scribbled wall and decided to paint it purple instead to match my dog-bitten wallpaper.  I was rather pleased with the outcome.  Certainly looked better than all those fading graffiti.

Sigh....this may become a thing of the past soon.  Been doing a little bit of house hunting lately in response to those threatening warnings about dogs in apartments.  I am looking for a land-based house so that my dogs can bark to their hearts' content all day without fear of being sent to the pound.

So, my dear Wawa, you may not be able to see Mommi relaxing with her feet up like that in future while you nap faithfully and loyally by her slippers.  I will miss the lovely the way, Wawa, where is your sister, Coco?

Pant! Pant! Slurp! Pancakes, pancakes!  I want, I want!  Gimme, gimme....!


Rubie said...

Hi Auntie Tooki, mum was gettin' worried that she didn't hear from you - she's happy you are OK. She wants to tell you that it doesn't matter if you book fragile stuff onto planes with BIG "fragile" stickers and pay lots of extra money attached..... they get off loaded in the same manner as everything else - harshly! She was standing up in the plane gettin' off when she happened to look out the window and see the conveyer belt with her FRAGILE BOX travelling down it - then gettin' picked up and FLUNG. She muffled a scream alright. Thank the lord the lamp was OK!!!!!

So you will move to a house huh??? That will be good for the doggies, they will no longer have to poop and pee in the apartment! Make sure you get a doggie door!! They will like the extra room and access to fresh air. Good luck with it.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie

What Remains Now said...

I love your wall. You will have to do that in your new house. I hope you find something easily. I wonder if it would make any difference to the apartment management to know that Coco and Wawa are celebrities with an international following?

Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs said...

I know you love your dogs and they love you too. Just continue to cherish each moments and take good care of them.

Magic said...

Good to hear that you're OK - and hope you can find a lovely house soon for you and Coco and Wawa so you can have some time to put your feet up again! Love from Magic xx

Tamago said...

Oh you've been doing house hunting. It must be hard but I hope you'll find a good house for your fur babies.
Haha, Coco is after pancakes :-) They look good - I might join Coco to get some!

My furry place said...

Thats very true ofcourse if you and your dogs stay in the condo or apartment would be different. I know what is the feeling , we used to stay in the condo and its difficult for my pets that time my husband and I only have 2 . But the liberty of being in the house ground can be fun at well specially if you have big yard. Your babies will be very happy. Have a nice week to you and your fur.
from sunny phnom penh but rather nice weather we have around 21 degrees and Im writing this while my window is open.Luv the breeze !!

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