Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boo To My Broadband

Internet connection in my house is extremely slow.  Constipated is my favorite word for it and I hope Maxis reads my blog.  YOU ARE A CONSTIPATED BROADBAND PROVIDER!!  I also hope Digi is reading this.  While waiting for a page to download, I can do many things.

(1)  Clean my hamsters' homes, give them food and water and coo them to sleep for the day.

(2)  Sweep and mop the floor.

(3)  Cook for the hungry dogs in my workplace.

(4)  Pick up toys that Wawa has dropped everywhere.

(5)  Keep this dog from driving my neighbor nuts.

(6)  Last but not least, take photos of birds outside my window.


What Remains Now said...

I am with you on this one, although my problem is a seven year old computer. Soooo sloooow. I always have my e-reader with me when I'm working, and I get quite a bit of reading done while waiting for things to upload and download. Hopefully a new computer by the end of the year, and then no more reading.

Oskar said...

Haha, I laughed because I'm a barky schnauzer too!

Nubbin wiggles,

Rubie said...

Hi Tooki, We are in a "blackspot" for broadband (which means they cannot supply us yet) (but we CAN put MAN on the MOON!) so we have to rely on a wireless system that runs thru mobile phone towers. It's slower than broadband would be, but not as slow as you are experiencing! Ours will cut out for no reason, and on heavy overcast or rainy days - we will often have no service! I thought that you pinched a device from your nephew which made things faster for you?? Is this the faster version???

Rubie's mum xx

Magic said...

You certainly pack a lot of chores in while waiting for your internet service Tooki :-)) That is a lovely bird - so pretty. We have a chorus of schnauzer barks here when any one passes the window - and the affenpinschers join in. Lucky the neighbours are out during the day! Love from Magic xx

Tamago said...

Oh, no, slow internet!! Constipated is the perfect word for that. I've been there! Long time ago I had dial-up connection and old PC, so it took FOREVER to be connected.
It's nice, though, you got many things done. Wawa looks puzzled to see all the hair in a dustpan :-)
The bird looks cute! I gotta tweet him and ask him to come over :-)

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