Monday, November 14, 2011

My (Prized) Possessions

Coco, Wawa, this corner here is for your toys, bed etc.  Don't mess up the house, ok?

Huh?  What are my things doing outside here?

She thinks I've got nothing better to do all day but to put my possessions in their proper place??
My bottomless bed should be here, near the couch.  When the floor gets cold it's easy for me to just jump onto the warm couch.

Piglet can sleep here and guard the front door.  Well, she does look a bit weak for such an important task.....

Some of my possessions can go into the bedroom.  Hey, there's enough space for everybody, why throw my things outside, huh?

Of course, how can you have a bed without a pillow?  Just you go try sleeping without one!
(Coco : I no eye see, all this is none of my business.)

WAWAAA!!!!  %$#@!!!&**!!


My furry place said...

hahaha,, how I wish they can clean their mess! Mine normally they dont scatter their toys , normally all those small pieces of bones goes to our bed and couch. Your lucky you only have I have 8 can u imagine what is our house looks like ??
Even the 6 cats bring my rubber pony into their bowl of water.
Enjoy the rest of the week.!

Bowie said...

hahaha Wawa sooo cute! I love the frowns on his forehead in the last pic, perfect for the caption! Also love the part where Coco "no eye see" hehe


Magic said...

We don't like it if our toys and beds are moved either - even if they are just tidied into the toy basket we hate not being able to see them and have to pull them all out and scatter them so we know they're all there :-)) love from Magic x

What Remains Now said...

I love Wawa's devotion to the bottomless bed and keeping things properly placed in your home.

Bailey Be Good! said...

OOOOH! A bottomless bed! I would have never thought of that. It must keep your bottom nice and cool! ;)

Woofs & hugs, <3

~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

Tamago said...

Ha ha ha, Wawa, I always smile when I see your bottomless bed :-) That pillow goes very well with your bed. I hope you can keep it!

Oskar said...

You're doing an excellent job organizing things around the house!

Nubbin wiggles,

Father Tom said...

What a sweet, innocent face! I like the idea of a bottomless bed, hehe

Tom & Mittens

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