Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I hadn't really meant to celebrate my birthday when I invited friends for dinner yesterday. An encounter with a couple whom I hadn't met for years and years and years led to a lunch and a week later an invitation to my home for dinner. It was a day late but I thought why not. My nephew gave me a beautiful and delicious mango cake. No candles though because the cake shop doesn't provide THAT many and it would have set the house on fire.

My good friend brought me these very beautiful sweet-smelling lilies. She remembered that they are one of my favourite flowers. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I reciprocated by cooking them a nice e-zee p-zee dinner -- chicken nasi briyani!


Wyatt said...

Mmmm Mango Cake and Lilies! You can't beat that!!

Happy Birthday!

Lavi said...

Happy Birthday! Small birthdays with family and close friends are the most pleasant.

Rubie said...

Hope you had a great birthday auntie tooki!! Your cake sure looks yummers!! You could post over a bit to me!!! My mum wants me to tell you that her very favourite flower is the Asiatic Lily - something else you have in common! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

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