Wednesday, March 17, 2010


AnAn made another (great) escape last night from her hamster ball while I was dozing off on the couch with the tv watching me. I woke up to find an empty ball in the toilet and Momokuai trapped between the sewer pipe and the water tank, looking forlornly at AnAn's empty ball right in front of her. It must've been sheer agony for poor Momokuai. This time it took me much longer to find AnAn. Not in the bedroom, store room or kitchen. Not behind the couch or fridge until I heard scratching from the bottom shelf of my tv stand. All my cat biscuits and sweet corn couldn't entice her from the innermost depths of my cobweb-ridden shelf. She's getting smarter - she is not going to be deceived by the delicious snacks I offered. A torchlight was used to shine her out - to no avail. All I could see was bits and pieces of paper that she had ripped off something inside - I hoped it wasn't my photo albums. I had to empty the whole shelf and ironically, the bits of paper came from a bag with a mouse trap inside. The mousetrap which I had been looking for since last year. She must've sensed some secret message from all the rats that had met their fate in that trap. Well, at least something good came out of all that commotion - I found the trap I had been looking for.

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