Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Doggie

My pet of choice would be a dog but since my living conditions does not permit I decided to choose a hamster instead. Mimi is like a little doggie whenever I put her inside the hamster ball. She'll run after me wherever I go. To my room, to the kitchen, to the toilet - everywhere. The most delightful thing is she comes when I call. When I am taking my shower she'll be knocking against the door and when I call her from inside, she'll knock louder. Amazing. I once reared rabbits but they were timid and shied away from me all the time. I thought hamsters would be like that too. Eat, shit, let me out, don't come near me.....well, most of the time that's the way they are. But they transform into little doggies when you put them inside the magical hamster ball!

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