Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cute Lil' Feet

Oh cuteness personified! AnAn's little toes huddled together like praying hands........:-) Forgive us pet lovers for being so obsessed with our pets. You've just got to own one to understand! Recently I saw a documentary about pets having to be left behind when hurricane Katrina hit. An elderly gentleman wept because he had to leave his cat behind and I was so moved to see that. I understand completely that feeling of loss. Imagining your pet lost and lonely without you, starving, confused. Animals have qualities akin to children and it is that cute, innocent helplessness about them that makes you so protective. I don't understand people who are cruel to animals. I have seen kittens thrown into the rubbish bin (live kittens and mewing pitifully) and stray dogs tortured with hot water, their necks wound tightly with wires until they become bloody sores. A stray cat that I used to feed in my office grounds gave birth to little kittens. One by one they were adopted (odd thing was they asked for my permission first) until only one was left. I fed that kitten too until it didn't shy away from me and just as we were about to become friends, a careless driver ran over it and killed it. What amazed me was he had about as much remorse as running over a piece of lifeless thrash. A kind worker bathed the poor dead creature (according to her custom) while another buried it. Others were equally indignant about his nonchalant attitude. But what was most pitiful was the way the mother looked for her kitten. Meowing in a strange way and looking so pitifully lost and lonely, it went round and round looking for her baby. May God bless those who showed kindness and respect to a poor, dead stray kitten.

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