Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pillow

Hand-sewn little pillow stuffed with red beans. I have sewn several for them and each time they get too soiled I have to throw them away. This is 2 days old. When Mimi was little she couldn't do without 2 things - her plastic house and her pillow. When she had stuffed enough food in her pouch the next thing she'd do is look for her house to deposit her food. If you change the house she will rush about frantically looking for the old one and she would look so utterly pathetic and lost that you just have to return her old house to her (I tried to giver her a bigger home). When she had her babies, she couldn't do without her pillow and little blanket. She must drag the pillow into her already very crammed apartment and use the little piece of blanket that I sewed for her to hide the door so I couldn't peep at her babies. Very mean -- after all that I had done for her. Now that her babies are all grown up, she can sleep anywhere and without her pillow. Her precious and memorable blanket has long been accidentally thrown out. By me. So sorry, Mimi!

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