Friday, March 19, 2010

No More Bathing

I was trying to look for some good hamster blogs when I chanced upon information about bathing hamsters (with soap and water). Most advised against bathing as it can cause them to catch a chill and die and there I was bathing them diligently every week! To think that I have been subjecting my poor hamsters to such an ordeal......I blame the petshop owner for this. When I asked her if hamsters can be bathed she answered me vehemently that they OF COURSE could and should be bathed and proceeded to sell me a shampoo for that purpose. According to her they just LOOOOVE to be blown dry by a hairdryer - something which I gave up doing because they looked absolutely terrified when I turned the hairdryer on. Her hamsters were thrown inside a glass case (which looked suspiciously like an aquarium) and the bedding looked as though it hadn't been changed in a long, long time. They looked too comfortable - that can only happen when they are sleeping in their own filth. A lot of filth. Come to think of it, I don't recall seeing much hamster dung in that tank. They were probably so starved that they ate up all their own dung.

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