Friday, March 19, 2010

Not Feeling Well?

Momokuai has been making some strange sounds the past few days - it sounds as though she is coughing, sneezing or hiccuping. So that worried me and I started looking for information about hamster health. All the horror stories about flu and cough had me even more worried. I just hope that it is self-limiting. All I can do for now is to keep her warm and let her sleep as much as she likes. Other than making that odd sound and jumping an inch with each hiccup she seems pretty normal. Eating and sleeping and wrestling with Mimi as usual. Hamsters seem like a second class or maybe even third class pet here - dogs and cats reign supreme. When I can't find what I want from the pet store the owner would go..."Umm, well, hamsters aren't really the in thing now, well, it used to be but not anymore so....." and that's that. When I brought Momo to the vet for neutering the vet said, "Sorry - hamsters are too small and we cannot do it." I wanted to make a eunuch out of him because he was chasing after Mimi all the time and it just wouldn't do to have her producing every now and then. To separate them seemed even more heart-breaking because he would prance about in the other cage for hours, look lonely, drool at Mimi, look at his exceptionally long dingdong in such a desolate manner ---- neutering seems to be the best option. They can live happily forever after minus all the babies. And while I am here blogging, Momokuai had been busy pulling the threads from my couch (again!) and she is now scratching the door of her hamster ball in earnest. Perhaps it isn't a cough or a sneeze after all. Perhaps a piece of seed got stuck in her nose.

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