Sunday, March 14, 2010

Black Face Mimi

Mimi was bought with reluctance. She wasn't the color I liked, she was scrawny and didn't do cute things like sleep on her back. Her face is so black it's difficult to make out her features. But as time got by she compelled me to love her. She was adventurous and didn't think twice about venturing into new areas, unlike her partner Momo who had to sniff things out for an hour before he would step outside. She liked getting close to me and was a good, caring mother to her babies. She is the one who follows me everywhere in her hamster ball and looks at me and comes running when I call. And the best of all - she rarely shits/piss in her hamster ball! That rhymed - Mimi has made a poet out of me. The pet and the poet. Move aside Margaret Thatcher.

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