Thursday, March 11, 2010

Momokuai The Culprit

A strand of evidence was was Momokuai! The same genius who could open the door of her hamster ball. Friends of mine are superstitious about rats. If you have rats in your home/office, don't call them rats, call them by another name, don't curse them behind their backs, don't catch them, don't anything and they will not turn on you. The latter meaning they will destroy your goods with their teeth, shit all over the place and even have babies in your drawer (yes, my drawer in the office and my boss asked "Who's drawer? Yours? Ahaa....!" meaning that you must've been eating from your drawers or something). Now that I observe how brainy hamsters can be, I won't scoff at all those superstitions - they know who you are and they will be back. With a vengeance.

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