Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Northern Chinese Dish

My sister says I can never cook the same dish twice. That's a more tactful way of saying that I am not a good cook. This is supposed to be......let me go find the cookbook first....."northern chinese chicken noodles with mushrooms" but since my chicken was freezing into a rock in the fridge I substituted prawns instead. I skipped the beaten eggs because it made everything too mushy but I used real chicken soup, left over from cooking chicken for the dogs. I tell you, it was so delicious my sister would've wished she arrived yesterday instead of tomorrow. But she is right, my cooking varies all the time because I am too lazy to read every detail in the cookbook. However, she still loves what I cook because when all the food is gone she will pour the gravy over her 2nd plate of rice. When your cooking is below par there are 2 things you can do to make them finish the food. One, cook very, very little so that they "eat but not full, hungry but not die" as the Chinese saying goes. Two, tell them if they complain there will be no food tomorrow. My sister threatens her family with step two ALL the time. Her son-in-law told me.

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