Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Big Bully Overslept

Mr. Big Bully is the only male dog in my office and although all the stray dogs are happy to see me each morning, he is the happiest of the lot. He will run towards my car as soon as I arrive and whine affectionately like a puppy. He then waits for me to punch my card before running slightly ahead of me to his feeding spot. Poor Mrs. Big Bully will wait nearby and watch him eat ALL the chicken, leaving only the rice to her and the others. 2 days ago he overslept and missed my arrival. As a result Mrs. Big Bully ate all the chicken and left him the rice.

1 comment:

Rubie said...

Tooki - you are such an angel feeding the strays - It breaks my heart that they have to live "rough" at all. Thank goodness I am not faced with that situation in my country - I would have my house full with dogs I've taken in! Rubie's mum.

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