Friday, January 28, 2011

New Year Grooming

Wawa has never had his nails clipped and Aunty L is more worried than me about them scratching my new couch. I guess I will have to get them done one of these days.

Coco needs a haircut badly. I can't even see her eyes now. I plan to get it done today but here am I blogging about it and there was further delay when Aunty L suddenly dropped by to get her dish and say goodbye. Uncle G and Aunty L came for dinner last night and my cooking must have been good because Uncle G had 2 plates of rice..... :) They will be going back to their country this Sunday and we won't be seeing each other until next year when they will once again run away from the bitter winter to sunny Sabah. I really enjoyed their company and hope there will be more dinners and outings when they come again next year.....take good care!


Rubie said...

Mum hates cutting my nails - she can't tell where the ouchy part is, and I don't like it either! She wishes that my nails are not black so she can be confident where to cut. I'm sure you are a great cook Tooki, I'd like to come over for some rice ;-) Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Tooki said...

Haha! You will get MORE than rice if you come Rubie! I bought the clippers this morning and the pet shop lady said clip just the tip and it will be ok. Will do it tomorrow when it is bright and sunny so I won't clip the ouchy part.

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