Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Awful Day.... :(

Yes, it was another awful day at the vet for Wawa but it had to be done because his stitches had to be taken out. Just sitting and waiting for his turn had him shaking uncontrollably. The meowing cats weren't so bad but a growling puppy and a huge german shepherd almost undid him so I had to move him to my lap. He was shaking so much that the aunty sitting next to us couldn't help laughing. All the more so when he hid his face in my charmpit like an ostrich. The stitches took less than a minute but the vet said he has a fungal infection so that meant 2 jabs and a lot of money from my pocket. They sneakily sold me an expensive shampoo that will expire in February. Wawa was so traumatised he refused to lie in his tray on the way home. Soon as I got into the driver's seat, he climbed onto my lap, curled up and thrust his nose into my charmpits again. It was a 40 minute drive home with a 10kg dog stuck in my armpit. What a big baby!

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