Friday, January 14, 2011

Feed Me Please!

I'm starving....whine, whine....:((

I deliberately fed them late today because friends are visiting at 4pm and I didn't want them whining hungrily before my guests leave. By 11.30am the 2 dogs were barking hungrily at me and here is Wawa jumping like a kangaroo at the sight of food.
Coco : Oh my goodness, you can jump like a kangaroo! Uncle G said you look like one and Aunty L said you should be called RooRoo...
Wawa : That's the only way I can see what's on the plate.
Coco : What else - it's ALWAYS Pedigree chicken. The vet's wife told us it makes our body and poopoo stink.
Wawa : Really? I think poopoo will stink no matter what we eat. You ever seen stink-less poopoo?

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