Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Have Your Way, Baby, I have Mine

Wawa's idea of walking is..........

....dashing off at top speed and freaking out joggers. A friend has promised to send Cesar Millan an invitation to Sabah for my sake. Well, all the best and best of luck and break a leg.

Coco's idea of a walk is..........

...sniff, sniff, sniff...infuriating, endless sniffing.
And then she tells me she wants to go home.
Coco, that's not our gate.
What? I'm tired! Carry me, I can't walk anymore!


Rubie said...

Schnoofling is what we schnauzers's our job Auntie Tooki!

I went to skool today and now I am pooped! I shoudl go and sleep on the couch but ma says I have a post to write!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

Schnauzer Days said...

Yay, great photo's!!

Tooki we can't believe you sent a photo that we didn't publish!!! Sooooo sorry, we did keep saying that some photo's at the beginning had gone into the trash bin on Yahoo we asked people to re-send them. Maybe yours was one of them and you missed the messages? Pease re-send it to and we would love to include it this week as an aplology :-)

Dex and Lou xxx

Matilda said...

Hi, wawa and coco!
My idea is the same as cocos.

Tooki said...

Hee's ok Dex, Lou. Coco says she didn't look good (upside down and cross-eyed) in that photo anyway. We look forward to next photo competition...very fun! Haha I really like that word "schnoofling"! And also "furtling"! Happy schnoofling, Matilda!

Father Tom said...

How different Coco and Wawa are. I guess you'd have to find a place where they can both "walk" their own way. I think I would be more like Coco. Exercise for me is not a priority, but sniffing is!


Magic said...

Oh Coco - that is just what I love to do. Furtling and sniffing and taking my time. I don't know why dogs like Wawa want to dash about so much - far too tiring and you miss all the lovely smells - love from Magic xx

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