Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Hate Loud Music, Love Grass Etc

I attended a charity dinner several nights ago.  My nephew had bought 2 tickets and if I didn't attend, neither could he because he is car-less.  Partly for his sake, I decided to make that rare journey to town after sundown.  Eversince I had dogs I rarely leave the house at night.  I pity my dogs - 10 hours without me during the day is bad enough.  I also didn't want to get more complaints from neighbors about dogs barking madly when they're trying to rest.  The lengths we go to for our dogs.  The sacrifices we make.  The little pleasures we forego.  So being a Saturday, I stayed home for as long as I could and, much to their delirious delight, even took them out for a long walk to tire them out.  That way they will be quieter when I am away for the night.

The dinner was in support of underpriveleged and abused children from different parts of Sabah.  I have a little weakness towards this organization and would make a donation whenever I had saved some.  There was a huge turnout which just goes to show how charitable Sabahans can be!  I read in the papers later that they managed to raise RM100,000.  It was like a huge wedding dinner, 10 to a table and I got teamed up with good friends and some people that I'd really like to get to know.  There we were warming up to each other and the first course came and it tasted rather good.  The pumpkin soup was next and the children were doing some pleasant presentations.  And then....everything turned sour when a singer with a booming voice went on stage and sang non-stop.  The music was so loud we had to go "huh, huh, huh?" when our friend next to us asked us something.  A friend developed a headache (tinnitus more like) and had to go outside for a breath of fresh air. 5 songs later and still no sign of food, I decided to leave.  My nephew drooled over the lemon chicken which never came.  I bought us KFC on the way home.  

Mr. Boom-Boom spoilt an otherwise wonderful evening. One that I had rather looked forward to.  I did a great deal of chores in readiness for it. Like taking Coco and Wawa for a walk under the hot, blazing noon sun. Coco went cuckoo because of that and started communicating with posts. Bathing the dogs and oh...cleaning up the sand and dirt, twigs and branches that Coco carried home. And the most HATEFUL thing about that walk?  No, not just getting sunburnt.

I don't understand why some photos insist on getting turned the wrong way but as I was saying...there is nothing more HATEFUL than a million love grass getting stuck in your pants.  Every single one had to be pulled out and when the pants were done, there was another million stuck on Coco.  I should roll Mr. Boom Boom for an hour in that field of grass....;/

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Rubie said...

I laughed when you said you left..... I would have done the same.... my voice doesn't carry well when I have to raise it..... so I avoid loud places and events.

As for grass seeds.........ahhhh! The nemesis of owning a schnauzer - their fur is like velcro to any sort of grass seed!

I would have paid to see you roll Mr Boom Boom in the grass Tooki!!!!

Rubie's mum xx

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